Race Strategy Camp with 10x Olympic Medalist Gary Hall Jr

Jan 15, 2021 - Jan 16, 2021
January, 15 2021


Swim Clinic with a Sprint Legend

10x Olympic Medalist (5x Olympic Gold Medalist)

The One and only GARY HALL JR!

Who:                     Gary Hall JR 10x Olympic Medalist, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist

Gary Jr. was well known for his “pro-wrestling like '' antics before a competition; frequently strutting onto the pool deck in patriotic red, white and blue boxing shorts and robe, shadow boxing and flexing his muscles before races.  When the gun went off, Gary Hall Jr. could sprint with the best of them.

They told me it couldn’t be done in ‘96, because I was too immature, and then they said in 2000 I had diabetes and it couldn’t be done,” Hall said in a post race interview in 2004. “And this time I think they said I was too old.”

What:                    50’s & 100’s Race Strategy Camp

"How should I swim my race?" It's a question all swimmers will ask many times throughout their careers. To an outsider, this may sound like a silly question... surely the answer is as simple as "fast'. However, there is so much more to it! In order to be an effective and efficient racer, swimmers must go into every race with a plan as well as a deep understanding of the relationship between all of the elements that make up a great race.

When & Where:           Jan 15th &16th @ Cottonwood Heights

How to Register:           Through Fitter&Faster   

  • Groups are limited to 24 Swimmer, based on your 100 yard Free time

Group A must be faster than the following:      Boys a 1:03           Girls a 1:04

Group B time must meet the following:           Boys 1:04-1:27      Girls 1:05-1:29

  • Prices will increase on Dec 17th. 

  • Currently (as of Dec 10th) a 15% discount is available if you register for any 4 sessions in the series.  Or 10% for 2-3 sessions in our 2021 Series. This will work for multiple swimmers

2021 Series

  • January 15-16: Race Strategy Camp: 50’s and 100’s led by Olympic Legend Gary Hall, Jr.
  • April 23-24: Comprehensive Starts Camp

  • September 17-18: Racing & Strategy Camp: The IM’s

Contact Coach Chad with any additional questions