Ensworth Aquatics Frost Bite Invite - Nashville

Jan 15, 2021 - Jan 17, 2021
January, 7 2021




This was the closest meet I could find that was open in January. I will need your entry confirmation by this Thursday, January 7, 2021 if you are interested in attending. Please see the attached meet information flyer for any additional information. This meet is for all interested is attending,

The Ensworth School (Frist Campus)
7401 Highway 100
Nashville, TN 37221

The Ensworth School offers a 10-lane, 25-yard competition pool, with a 6.5 foot
minimum depth, non-turbulent lane lines, a fully automatic electronic timing system, and a scoreboard with lane/time/place display. The competition course has been certified in
accordance with 104.2.2C (4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming.
• Unless otherwise noted herein, this meet shall be conducted in accordance with current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.
• Please note that use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.
• Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is prohibited.
• Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member-coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water without the use of the backstroke ledge. When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer's legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.
• Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open-ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials, and/or spectators are present.
• In the interest of safety and accident prevention, coaches, officials and swimmers are asked to observe all posted pool rules and to conduct themselves in a safe manner. Only coaches, swimmers, officials, and volunteers are allowed on deck.
• There will be a five-minute break before events greater than 200 yards. Meet director/Meet referee have the option to run distance events mixed gender. A decision will be communicated before the start of the meet.
• Friday night’s events will be Timed Finals. All events 400 yards and over will be seeded fastest to slowest.

• Coaches must show either current USA Swimming membership card or deck pass at coaches’ check in and make them available throughout the meet at the request of officials.
• All applicable adults participating in or associated with this meet, acknowledge that they are subject to the provisions of the USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (“MAAPP”), and that they understand that compliance with the MAAPP policy is a condition of participation in the conduct of this competition.
• Warm up times may be modified based on the meet’s timeline.
• A timeline will be published before the start of the meet.
• 12 & UNDER TECH SUITS: No Technical Suit may be worn by any 12 & Under USA Swimming athlete member in competition at any Sanctioned, Approved or Observed meet. 1) A Technical Suit is one that has the following components:
a.) Any suit with any bonded or taped seams regardless of its fabric or silhouette; or
b.) Any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips
Meet Referee: Alex Hughes [email protected]
Meet Director: Claire McCall and Margaret Mason [email protected]
Admin Official: Jessica Jackson [email protected]
Entries Chair: Amy Williams [email protected]

All officials are welcome and encouraged to assist. Any officials planning on attending the meet and working some or all sessions should contact the Meet Referee. There will be an officials meeting 30 minutes prior to each session. Attire for prelim sessions is white over khaki, with white shoes.

This meet will be conducted under the auspices of Southeastern Swimming, Inc. of
USA Swimming. USA Swimming technical rules and regulations will be followed with the
exception of items specifically addressed in the meet information sanctioned by Southeastern Swimming, Inc.
Held under the sanction of USA Swimming and Southeastern Swimming, Inc.

This is a Timed Finals meet. Events greater than 200 yards will be deck seeded following positive check in, all other events will be pre-seeded. All races will be swum in a 25-yard course.
Only electronic heat sheets will be available. These will be available on the Ensworth Aquatics website in a printable format.
The time trial events will be swum at the conclusion of the meet upon a coach’s request
to the Meet Director. Swimmers may time trial but may not exceed the 6 events per day USA swimming limit. Fees for additional time trials at the conclusion of the meet shall be $10.00 per individual event. Time trial swimmers will need to provide two timers. Only a coach can request a time trial. Requests cannot be made by an athlete or parent.
• There will be a clerk of course “bullpen” for 8&Under events only on Saturday.
• Concessions will be not be available.
• Limited, COVID-19 safe hospitality will be provided for the coaches and officials.
• HYTEK event file, psych sheet, timeline, results and other meet information will be posted on the Ensworth Aquatics website as it becomes available.

Friday, January 15, 2021
Warm ups: 4:00 p.m.
Competition begins: 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, January 16, 2021
13&Older session
Warm ups: 8:30 a.m.
Competition begins: 10:00 a.m.
12&Under session
Warm ups: 12:30 p.m. immediately following morning session
*Competition begins: 1:30 p.m. one hour following completion of morning session
Sunday, January 17, 2021
13&Older session
Warm ups: 8:30 a.m.
Competition begins: 10:00 a.m.
12&Under session
Warm ups: 12:30 p.m. immediately following morning session
*Competition begins: 1:30 p.m. one hour following completion of morning session
*Warm ups/competition will start immediately following completion of morning session and last one hour.
Note: Please view timeline published on the Ensworth Aquatics’ website no later than Wednesday the week of the meet for more specific times/information related to 12&U warm ups. Timelines are estimates. The actual progress of the meet is affected by many parameters.
Southeastern Swimming Meet Safety Guidelines and Warm-up Procedures will be
in effect at this meet.

Meet is an open invitational. USA Swimming registered athletes only may participate. Entries will not be accepted without current registration numbers. Coaches and officials must present evidence of certification (Card/deckpass) as required by SES Swimming. A swimmer’s age on the first day of the meet will determine the age for the entire meet. On deck USA Swimming registrations are not permitted.
Swimmers with disabilities are welcome and must complete the Information Form for Disabled Swimmers and return it with entries. Coaches are asked to check-in before the meet with the Meet Director for any accommodations. (see attached Disabled Swimmer Form)
Meet Entries, summary and release forms, and entry fees including, surcharges must be received by the Entry Chair by 12:00 p.m. on January 8, 2021. No manual entries. The Open 400 IM, Open 500 Free, 12&U 500 Free, 13& Over 1000 Free and 1650 Free will be deck seeded. All other events will be pre-seeded. Note: Late entries will be accepted based on lane space availability, and is at the discretion of the meet director/meet referee. No deck entries will be accepted.
Entries are to be submitted to:
Meet Entries Chair
Ensworth Aquatics
[email protected]
7401 Highway 100
Nashville, TN 37221
$ 7.00 per individual event, $9.00 late entries, $14.00 facility fee per athlete and $4.00 per athlete surcharge, both in and out of LSC. Please make checks payable to The Ensworth School, Attn. Ensworth Aquatics. All entry fees are non-refundable.