Marlins Super Bowl Challenge 2021

Jan 24, 2021
January, 24 2021


Invitational - to all USA-registered swimmers and teams. Marietta Marlins will not allow unregistered swimmers, coaches, officials, or teams to participate in this meet. No swimmer will be permitted to compete unless the swimmer is a member in as provided in Article 302.


Flight  Session Limits  per MVAC Management :

Mountain View Aquatic Center - Swim Meet Requirements 

Total Facility Capacity 160 

• • Example Meet numbers: o 134 swimmers 
• o 10 coaches 
• o ~ 6 officials 
• o 10 volunteer timers ª Any additional coaches, volunteers, spectators, etc. must be deducted from the total facility capacity. 


•  Spectators – May be allowed but will count toward the total facility capacity and will be determined 1 week prior to the meet. Spectator numbers will be determined by the facility coordinator and the head coach of the team hosting the meet

• The host swim team(s) must develop and submit a swim meet plan identifying how the meet will operate and how COVID19 safety protocols will be enforced. This will includedesignated team areas and a plan for how they will facilitate the timely entry and exit of swimmers. 

• Warm-up capacity is 95 swimmers: 45 in competition pool, 50 in the lap pool. Meet s with more than 95 swimmers will require multiple warm-up times. 

• Swimmers must be social distance while in the facility. o USA swimming guidelines must be followed for warm-ups and anytime there is more than one swimmer in a lane. 


• There will be designated places for all swimmers to place their belongings and sit while they are not swimming. 

• To ensure there is enough deck space for officials, timers and swimmers during relay events relays will only be allowed to swim in every other lane. This will allow for spacing on the deck as well as behind the starting blocks.