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Jan 30, 2021 (04:15 PM) - Jan 31, 2021 (04:00 PM)
January, 21 2021


Meet Fees:

Open Swim Meet Sessions: $10 surcharge plus $3 per event

Session Limits:

Saturday PM: 1 Event

Sunday AM: Do not enter. This Session is for Rattler Swim Club Only

Sunday Open: Max 5 Events

Swimmer Count Limit:

Open Sessions will be limited to 70 swimmers per session.


Warm-Up will be split into two warm-ups per session (only one warm-up for Saturday PM). 2 swimmers per lane in lanes 5 - 19. 1 swimmer per lane in lanes 1 -4 and lane 20 (if needed).

During meet warm-up and warm-down: Exiting the warm-up and warmdown lanes must done only on appropriate sides (South end warm-up exit and North end is warm down exit) West side of lanes will be for warmdown only and East side of lanes will be for warm-up only.

Safety Protocols:

Only one non-swimmer per household will be permitted in the facility. All non-swimmers who are not working the meet will be asked to remain in the grass area. Masks must be worn at all times in the facility. We ask that households remain 6 feet apart from other households in the grass area.

At the conclusion of each heat the swimmers will swim a 25 EZ and exit out of the pool on the North End. This is to prevent crowding on the South end with ending heats and starting heats and the timers.

Only one timer for each lane.

Heat Sheets will be posted and there will be heat sheets available on deck as well.

We ask for everyones cooperation in putting on this meet with safety in the forefront. If you do not wish to abide by these rules, or feel uncomfortable in this situation. We fully understand and ask that you wait for meets in the future which allow for more open rules and/or safer environment.