HEAT Swimming's First Annual Superbowl Squares Fundraiser

Jan 9, 2021 - Feb 3, 2021
February, 3 2021


 Hello team! 

Announcing HEAT Swimming’s First Annual Superbowl Squares Fundraiser!!! 

This Superbowl Fundraiser is an easy, quick, and COVID-friendly way for us to help the team pay for the additional expenses and lack of income caused by this pandemic. 

How it works?

Follow the below links to our Superbowl Squares fundraiser grids.   There are 2 grids...people may choose a square on either or both.  Our goal is to fill both....and possibly add another grid if we need too!  Players are asked for both an email and mailing address.  Winners will have their payout mailed to them following the big game.  Speaking of winners...Each square costs $10....for a 100 square grid, pay-out will be $100 after each of the first 3 quarters and $200 at the end of the game!!   Because we have 2 grids, that means 2 winners for each quarter and at the end of the game. 

 Instructions and game rules are also explained in these links.


 How many do I sell?

As many as you can:).   If we fill up these 2 grids we can add more to meet demands.  The more grids we fill, the more money HEAT swimming raises.

 How do we collect the money?

Cost is $10/square.  A link for paypal payment is attached to the grid. 

 When to start selling?

Now!  The Superbowl is Sunday February 7th!!  All squares must be paid in full by Feb 3.  Names from any unpaid reserved squares as of  2/3 will be erased and squares will become available again.



Contact me with any questions...

Debbie Reddy 314-750-0561