Age Group State Champs

Feb 19, 2021 - Feb 21, 2021
February, 15 2021



The information in this email is about State Champs for the 14 & Under Age Group.  I have also included some general facts about how our sport works that is valuable if your child is excited about competing in this sport.  State Champ time standards are fast. Georgia is a difficult LSC with several teams numbering 400+ Swimmers, and 3 that are over 800+ athletes. COaches have notified all qualifiers to this date. If your child qualifies in the next few meets, we will email or call.
State Championships for swimmers age 14 & Under who qualify. Attached are a list of time standards that need to be achieved in each event that qualify swimmers to compete at the State Championship level. There are essentially two championship level meets for 14 & Unders in USA Swimming. The State or LSC level championships which are localized, and the Sectional level championships which are faster and conducted at a regional level. Naturally, the Georgia Swimming LSC (State governing body for this sport) competes in the Southern Sectional or more specifically the ESSZ (Eastern Section of Southern Zone).  These are the two championship levels for the 14 & Under Age Groups in the US.  There are higher levels that younger swimmers are eligible to compete in, but these two are the main ones that we deal with at SMAC. We may have a 13 or 14 year old qualify for a higher level meet, but it is rare. 
State Champs are a big honor! It signifies that your swimmer is in the top 5% of the state athletes for that event in their age group. We have a long history of  Age Group State Champions at Swim Macon. The most recent being Caden Cahill who won both State and Sectional Championships in the  50,100, & 200 Fly's respectively. Maela McKallip also won the 10 & Under Girls 50M Free a few summers ago, and Jared Taylor who won the 11-12 Boys 200M Free in 2012.
This year, the meet will be smaller, and hosted at 4 different sites around the state instead of one large meet as done in previous years. We do not yet know the location of our site this year, but that info should be available by the end of this week. As soon as it is, I will share.  
This meet will likely have a limited number of spectators, and I do not know any of the details on that front. We are usually up to the mercy of the facility managers post pandemic, and facilities are rarely owned by the team. Teams tend to make decisions based on what is best for their kids. Facilities based on lowest percieved legal risk. Thats why things are limited at this time. 
Meet info and event file will be uploaded as soon as they are available.