Dual Meet 2

Feb 28, 2021
February, 19 2021
February 24, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


We are excited to announce a series of sanctioned dual meets with the Huntington Y at our home pool.  As in the fall, there will be four sessions (one per age group) ro prevent crowding.  The same safety measures followed in the fall will be followed at all of these meets.

Session 1) 10 and unders: warm up ar 8:15 am, start at 8:45 am

Session 2) 11-12 year olds: warm up at 10:15 am, start at 10:45 am

Session 3) 13-14 year olds: warm up ar 12:15 pm, start at 12:45 pm

Session 4) 15 and over: warm up at 2:15 pm; start at 2:45 pm

Please plan on arriving 15 mimutes prior to the start time for a wellness check.  Each swimmer should bring a ziplock bag for their masks while in water and extra masks.