Seals Swimming Socially Distant Swim Meet 1.30.21

Jan 30, 2021 (07:00 AM) - Jan 30, 2021 (01:00 PM)
January, 26 2021


Seals Swimming,

We are planning our next swim meet for Saturday, 1.30. The swim meet will be broken into two sessions: Session A (National, Senior and Age II Group Swimmers) and Session B (Age I and White Group Swimmers). For details on events and warm-up/start times, please review the attached meet packet.

If your swimmer wants to participate in the meet, please declare "Yes, my swimmer wants to attend" on TeamUnify by Tuesday, 1/26. If you do not declare participation via Team Unify by 11:59 on 1/26, your swimmer will not be entered into the meet (NO EXCEPTIONS). Once the swimmer has declared interest, the coaches will select events for all swimmers. If parents would like to make recommendations on events on behalf of their swimmer, they can add that information in the "Notes" section in Team Unify (after you declare "Yes").

As a reminder, on Wednesday, 1/29 a link to the Covid Affirmation form will be sent out to all participants. Swimmers MUST sign the waiver before noon on Friday, 1.29. REMEMBER: Maine Swimming manages this form. If you do not sign your waiver, you cannot participate (AGAIN, NO EXCEPTIONS!).

Looking forward to seeing more fast swims!



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