SES 14 and Under Champs

Mar 5, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021
February, 22 2021


The SES coaches have passed the following meet updates...Meet specific information to come. Due to the dates of this meet and the ESSZ Sectional meet proposed the following weekend, we will not be attending the ESSZ Age Goup Sectional Meet this year.


- A swimmer's age on February 19 will determine their age group for the Age Group Championship Meet.

  1. There will be two meets, one for Tennessee teams and one for Alabama/Florida teams.
  2. Dates will be March 5-7
  3. Each meet will be awarded separately with medals, plaques, etc… at each site.
  4. Time Standards and Qualification
    1. 2021 approved SES SCY Time Standard for qualification.  Eligibility period for qualifying event September 1, 2019 through Sunday preceding start of meet.
    2. Swimmers may enter this meet provided they have achieved at least one Qualifying Time in their Age Group.
    3. Swimmers who achieve 1 Qualifying Time will be allowed to enter up to 6 individual events (No Bonus Standard Required) with the following exceptions:  13-14 swimmers in the 400 IM, 500 Free, and 1650 Free; 11-12 swimmers in the 500 Free; and 10&Under swimmers in the 500 Free must have achieved the Qualifying Time in order to compete in these events.
  5. Format Points/Changes
    1. This will be a prelim/final meet for 11-12 and 13-14 swimmers with the exception of the 11-12 500 yard Freestyle and the 13-14 1650 yard Freestyle which will be conducted as Timed Finals.  This will be a Timed Finals Meet for 10&Unders.
    2. 11-12 and 13-14 competition will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  10&Under competition will be held on Saturday and Sunday. 
    3. Prelims and 10&U Timed Finals will be split into age groups based on participant limitations at each facility.  Age Groups will be combined for sessions when possible.  If necessary, there will be 30 minutes between sessions to clear building and sanitize.  Use one course for competition allowing for more distanced warmdown and adequate rest between events.
    4. Finals will be conducted as 11-12 and 13-14 in the same session.
    5. Relays will compete as Timed Finals at the beginning of Preliminary sessions Friday and Saturday for 13-14 and 11-12.  Relays will compete at the beginning of the Timed Finals sessions for 10&Unders on Saturday and Sunday.
    6. Relay Only Swimmers will NOT be allowed to enter the meet
    7. Swim 1 Heat (A) in Finals for all 11-12 and 13-14 events with the exception of the 11-12 500 Free and 13-14 1650 Free which will be conducted as Timed Finals.
    8. The 13-14 1650 Free event will be contested in its own session on Friday leading into Finals.
  6. Volunteers and Fees
    1. Meet host covers major volunteer positions, lesser volunteer positions may be put out to visitors.
    2. $75.00 per swimmer flat entry fee.  $12.00 per relay.

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