Mar 5, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021
February, 26 2021
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[Update on 3/1/21]


LOCATION: Albertus Magnus College, 303 Huntington St., New Haven, CT 06511 




SESSION TIMES: Subject to Change

Friday 13&O Warmup 5:45-6:05 pm, meet starts 6:15 pm



Saturday 13-14 Warmup 7:00-7:20 am, meet starts 8:00 am



Saturday 10&U Warmup 12:40-1:00 pm, meet starts 1:30 pm 



Sunday 15&O Warmup 6:30-7:00 am, meet starts 7:30 am 



Sunday 11-12 Warmup 9:30-9:50 am, meet starts 10:30 am


  • In order to manage the incoming flow of swimmers, the entry to the pool will be staggered, with RAC Swimmers entering first no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of warm-up, BULL swimmers will enter second.  
  • The meet will run in 4 lanes to give swimmers more time between events. For 11&Over sessions we will keep lane 6 open for a cool down. 
    Just a friendly reminder to please bring a signed waiver for each of your swimmers. (attached), you can also email me your signed copies.


  • Please use parking located at the corner of Huntington St and Winchester Ave. The entrance to the pool is through Huntington St, not the main building entrance. 
    • If possible, time trials will be offered Saturday after the 13-14 session. 
    • Swimmers will be seated on the stands, RAC will take the bleachers marked in WHITE, BULL will take the bleachers marked in BLUE.
    • Masks must be worn at all times while on campus
    • Parents are not allowed in the building and cannot congregate around the school.  
    • No locker room use, swimmers must be ready in their suits  
    The meet will be broadcasted via Zoom 

Meet Signup Policy Update:
Before the meet declaration deadline, we will NOT automatically sign up your swimmer for meets. The swimmer will remain UNDECLARED until you declare them "ATTENDING" or "NOT ATTENDING" via our website. Parents will receive reminder emails to declare "ATTENDING" or "NOT ATTENDING" the meet up until the deadline. If you are receiving these emails, that means your swimmer is "UNDECLARED".  You will also receive reminder emails if you have declared your child but the swimmer has not indicated the events they wish to swim for that meet  . Once you declare your child  AND  your child talk to his primary coach about his/her events they want to swim, you will not receive any more reminder emails about signing up or choosing events.

After the meet declaration deadline, ALL UNDECLARED SWIMMERS will be declared NOT ATTENDING and For more information about this, please contact Coach Emmanuel at  [email protected]

This meet information is subject to change given the fluid nature of COVID-19. Be aware that CDC, State of CT, and local jurisdiction guidelines or public health actions may change quickly and without warning. Visit or the host website for any updates.

WAIVER: All participants and spectators must sign the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement found on the last page of this meet announcement. 




MEET TYPE: Closed. Dual meet.

MEET DURATION: Full meet with time limits as defined by CT/USA Swimming.

MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum as Timed-Final

SCRATCH PROCEDURES: No scratches will be taken. The meet will be pre-seeded.


BEFORE ENTERING FACILITY or WHAT TO BRING: Athletes will enter the facility on the left side of the pool, 5 minutes before their warm up is scheduled to start, swimmers must be wearing a mask. Heat sheets will be posted on meet mobile. Health assessment needs to be performed before attending the meet. Athletes must come with their suit already on as locker rooms will be accessible for bathroom use only. FACILITY RULES: All people in the facility will be required to wear a mask at all times besides swimmers when getting in/out of the pool. Cones and numbers are marked more than 6 feet apart along the pool deck to promote social distancing for seating.


FACILITY: Cosgrove Marcus Messer Natatorium is a 6-lane, 25-yard pool. Water depth at start end is: 10 ft. Water depth at turn end is: 4 ft. The competition course has not been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). Maximum capacity for this facility is 200 people.

LOCKER ROOMS: Showers and locker rooms are limited to use of the restrooms only. Changing into or out of swimsuits is prohibited

SAFE SPORT POLICIES: There will be no spectators on deck. Meet will be live streamed via Zoom, and a secure, password protected link will be sent to families before the meet.

ENTRY FEES: Electronic entries: $11.00 for individual events, $11.00 for distance events. Manual entries: $11.00 for individual events, $11.00 for distance events, $00.00 for relays. No refunds will be given for entries that are accepted, or for entries that are rejected due to improper entry.

CUT PROTOCOL: If the session is oversubscribed the following protocol will be instituted IN THE ORDER PRESENTED to reduce the timeline to the required length or participation number: 1. Athletes aged 7 and Under will be cut from the meet. 2. All relays, if planned, will be eliminated. 3. The distance events (400 meters or yards or greater) may be heat limited to the first 2 heats of entries per gender in the order they were received. 4. The maximum number of events allowed per day may be reduced by one (1). 5. Visiting teams may be cut based on the date/time of the receipt of the final paid entry. If teams are cut, the host reserves the right to offer the available partial entry to the cut teams in the order that entries were received in order to fill the meet. The host reserves the right to seek approval from Program Operations for additional changes, which may reasonably maximize participation opportunities. Notification of any cuts or requests for changes must be made to Program Operations as soon as possible by the host. Attending teams will be notified no later than the Monday before the meet. NOTE: If the host is required to institute the published cut protocol above. All accepted entries at the time that the cut protocol is instituted may be considered final by the host for the purposes of financial responsibility. (i.e. Teams submitting "placeholder" entries will be required to pay for the entries if the cut protocol is required).

RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES: In accordance with CSI Policies, the meet referee reserves the right to make any adjustments to the provisions of the meet announcement deemed necessary to ensure the fair and efficient running of the meet. The Meet Referee will seek Program Operations approval for all changes requiring approval. Clubs will be notified of changes no later than Monday before the meet.


SAFETY: 1. Diving will be prohibited during warm-ups except in specifically announced one-way sprint lanes. There will be no diving in the warm-up and warm-down areas at any time 2. No shaving is permitted at the competition site. 3. No glass containers are permitted within the facility. 4. Swimmers must be under the supervision of a coach. If a swimmer arrives at the meet without a coach, the swimmer should notify the referee before he/she warms up. The referee will assign the swimmer to a registered coach for warm-ups. 5. Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

SWIMWEAR: Per CT Swimming policy, swimmers 12 years old and younger are not permitted to wear “Tech Suits” at any CT sanctioned or approved meets. "Tech Suits" are defined as a suit that has Bonded Seams, Kinetic Tape, or Meshed Seams. Age is determined on the first date of the meet.

PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO RECORDING: Meet Management has the full authority to restrict any and all photography, audio and visual recording using cameras, video cameras, tablets, cell phones or other electronic devices at a meet. Photography or video recording from the deck is prohibited by all individuals, other than participating Coaches, unless prior authorization from the Meet Referee or meet referee has been granted. Under no circumstances is photography or video recording permitted by anyone in the area adjacent to or behind the starting blocks, including spectator stands at deck level, while they are in use for race starting purposes during competition and warm-ups. Flash photography is prohibited during the start of any heat, including whenever any swimmer is stepping up or standing on a block for the purpose of the start of a heat. Photography or video recording and the use of audio, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms. Additional "No Camera Zones" may be designated by Meet Management or the meet referee. If individuals are properly credentialed, not obstructing movement on the deck and abiding by these rules, the following individuals may be allowed by Meet Management and the meet referee with prior authorization if they possess the following: Professional photographers with current, official media credentials that are promoting the sport of swimming Official team and professional meet photographers that are USA Swimming members, background checked, have signed off on MAAPP and completed Athlete Protection Training A participating athlete directly assisting a Coach, for instructional purposes, during an event using the Coach’s electronic device Any individual failing to abide by these rules may be ejected from the facility and be subject to a Code of Conduct violation at the discretion of Meet Management. DRONES: Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present. Exceptions may be granted with prior written approval by USA Swimming Vice President of Program Operations.

RULES: Current USA Swimming rules will govern all competition.

TIME TRIALS: Yes. Time trials may be offered at the discretion of the Meet Referee in accordance with CSI Policy if time allows. Time trials are limited to the events published in this meet announcement (age/distance/stroke). Time Trials will count toward the athlete’s event limitations for the day and meet. If they are offered, only athletes properly entered in one or more events in the meet are eligible for time trials and must be properly entered in the Time Trial. The deadline for Time Trial entries is/are 06:30 AM for morning sessions and 5:20 for afternoon sessions. The fee for Time Trial entries are $15.00 for individual events and $20.00 for relays.

TIMERS, OFFICIALS OR WORK ASSIGNMENTS: Any volunteer officials should contact Walter Carroll, [email protected] All volunteers will be required to attest to reading and understanding the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.

DECK ACCESS: Only athletes, coaches, officials, and official meet staff actively participating in the meet are permitted on the pool deck.

SCORING: The meet will not be scored.

AWARDS: Yes. Heat winner awards.



PARKING: Please park in the lot adjacent to the Athletic Complex