YMCA Festival Meet

Mar 31, 2021 - Apr 3, 2021
March, 21 2021
Senior 1,Senior 2 ([* ALL Locations *])


2021 YMCA Swimming Festival – Midwest Region
March 31-April 3, 2021

Miami University Recreation Center
Oxford, Ohio

Meet Schedule… Warm-Up Session - Tuesday March 30, 2021
Meet – March 31-April 3, 2021

Format… Prelims/Finals – Top-16 Swim at Night
Relays Swim during Finals

Number of Swims… Swimmers must achieve one time standard to be
eligible for the meet. Swimmers may swim 4 individual events plus relays!
Join YMCA swimmers and teams from across the region and across the country as
we conclude a unique short course season with a unique and special YMCA event.

The 2021 YMCA Swimming Festival is being organized by local YMCAs around the
country to fill the void left by the cancelation of YMCA Nationals in 2021.
Competitions will be held locally, regionally or even within a single YMCA. Then
results will be submitted and tallied to create a Festival Leader Board to recognize
athletes’ achievements.

Compete!...against other Y swimmers in your league, state, region and nationally.
Sites may set their own entry standards, but a single Festival time standard (2020
YMCA Short Course Nationals +2%) is required for athletes to have their results
submitted to the national leader board. There will be one order of events and set of
event numbers so that results can be organized and tabulated; however, individual
sites may add events and age groups to accommodate the athletes in their
respective areas.

Celebrate!...the spirit, perseverance, commitment and sportsmanship of YMCA

Our Y swimming families stayed with us through a challenging year. We are proud
to celebrate their commitment to the Y and that of their children to Y Swimming.
Meets will promote and celebrate the YMCA’s focus on achievement, belonging and
relationships by including all of the unique Y meet features – athlete-led devotions,
senior recognition, parades, awards and more!

Our sense of community is at the heart of the Y Swimming experience. It makes us
all stronger and creates a supportive environment for our athletes to reach their full

Join our Y Swimming community as we conclude the 2020-21 short course season
in true YMCA style!

We’ll see you at the pool.