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2021 All Star Zone Meet

Mar 19, 2021 - Mar 21, 2021
March, 9 2021


2021 All Star Zone Meet

Location: Bowling Green State University

Dates: March 19 - 21

Times: See "meet-schedule-and-events_055316.pdf" at the bottom of this page

Event Limits: Swimmers in 1 or less relays can sign up for a maximum of 4 individual events. Swimmers in 2 relays can sign up for a maximum of 3 individual events. You can NOT sign up for more than 4 individual events. So, pick your 4 best events OR the 4 events youre closest to/at the 'A Cut' in.

Team Hotel Info (click link)


There are many changes to this meet to deal with the new circumstances

- There will be no spectators allowed

-Live stream will be available. Team has a conference room at team hotel to watch the stream

- The meet is using an "Automatic (A times)" and "Consideration (B times)" qualifying time system

- A times are guaranteed to swim at the meet. B times will be admitted on a fastest to slowest basis up until the entry cut off. For example, If the meet is allowing 40 swimmers per event, and there are only 25 A times entered in an event, then the fastest 15 B times will be admitted to that event.

- B times that qualify will be announced on March 11th

- Apparel for the meet will be done entirely online, link will be available soon

- Parking passes are available on meet website(applicable to workers and coaches only)

For all additional information click the link below to the meet's website: