Delta February 28 Time Trial

Feb 28, 2021
February, 19 2021
February 25, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


This time trial will take place over multiple sessions on 2/28/21. Sessions will be limited to 90 swimmers (45 per team) and no spectators. 

After signup, swimmers will be placed in sessions. Sessions for will be filled beginning with our youngest athletes and then moving forward in order to provide everyone the opportunity to race and meet all necessary guidelines. The coaches will be choosing the events for the swimmers. Swimmers entered in the Saturday time trial as well will be entered in 3 different events on Sunday.

The registration deadline for this meet is Friday, February 19th at 11:59pm CST.

If you intend to compete, you will sign-up here by indicating YES. We will not be able to honor any requests, as swimmers will be placed in sessions based generally on their age group. Due to Illinois Swimming regulations, we will not be able to add swimmers to this meet after the registration deadline. Swimmers will be entered in 3 individual events per day. The cost for this time trial is $20.

Swimmers will not be allowed in the building until 15 minutes prior to the start of their warm-up session. All swimmers will have a temperature check prior to entry and will need to self-certify on the form. Swimmers must be on time as we will start promptly at their session time. Each session will include warm-up for the athletes.  

Session start times will be finalized once sign-up is closed and athletes are placed into sessions.  You will receive your final session information on Tuesday, February 23rd. 

We will need volunteers to help us offer this racing opportunity for our swimmers in an organized manner. However space is limited on deck due to the current guidelines and regulations. Once sessions are finalized and posted, volunteer sign-up will open with an email communication (approximately on 2/16/20). Once open, please sign-up no later than Friday, February 26th, 2021 at 11:59pm CST. Thank you!


Bullpen will be located in the hallway outside of the pool so swimmers can be social distanced properly.

Video for Swimmers: 

Live Zoom Link:    

Session #1
Events #101-#111
Session #2
Events #201-211
Session #3
Events #301-310
Session #4
Events #401-410
Doors Open for Acad: 6:45AM
Warm-up Acad: 7:00-7:20AM

Doors Open for Delta: 7:15AM
Warm-up Delta: 7:30-7:50AM
Delta Assigned Lanes

Volunteer Entry: 7:35AM

Session Start: 8:00AM 

Session 1 Entry List
Session 1 Projected Timeline
Session 1 Heat Sheet
(Also uploaded to Meet Mobile)
Doors Open for Acad: 9:55AM
Acad: 10:10-10:30AM

Doors Open for Delta: 10:20AM
Warm-up Delta: 10:35-10:55AM

Delta Assigned Lanes

Volunteer Entry: 10:35AM

Session Start: 11:00PM

Session 2 Entry List
Session 2 Projected Timeline
Session 2 Heat Sheet
(Also uploaded to Meet Mobile)
Doors Open for Acad: 12:55PM
Acad: 1:10-1:30PM

Doors Open for Delta: 1:20PM
Warm-up Delta: 1:35-1:55PM

Delta Assigned Lanes

Volunteer Entry: 1:35PM

Session Start: 2:00PM

Session 3 Entry List
Session 3 Projected Timeline
Session 3 Heat Sheet
(Also uploaded to Meet Mobile)
Doors Open for Acad: 3:55PM
Acad: 4:10-4:30PM

Doors Open for Delta: 4:20PM
Warm-up Delta: 4:35-4:55PM

Delta Assigned Lanes

Volunteer Entry: 4:35PM

Session Start: 5:00PM

Session 4 Entry List
Session 4 Projected Timeline
Session 4 Heat Sheet
(Also uploaded to Meet Mobile)

Results posted in Meet Mobile are NOT FINAL RESULTS. We will not be using DQ slips to cut down on person to person contact - Officials will rase hand like always, radio the call to the deck ref who will accept or decline the call. Deck ref will mark his heat sheet and provide all DQ’s to the AO at the conclusion of the session. Coaches, swimmers and parents should expect that not all of the DQ’s will be entered until the end of the session. A coach may approach the deck ref at any point to inquire about a possible infraction. Results will be posted here as a PDF for each session once finalized. 

Session 1 Final Results
Session 2 Final Results
Session 3 Final Results
Session 4 Final Results