PDST Swim Meet

Feb 27, 2021 (12:01 PM) - Mar 31, 2021 (07:00 PM)
February, 15 2021


No spectators for this meet. Only officials and coaches in the MW facility.

PDST intra-squad swim meet - achieved time will be counted as US Swimming Official time 

Swim Meet Live streamlink:

•PDST and MW Pool COVID Safety Protocols will be enforced 

•Age groups are based on the age of the swimmer as of the first day of
the meet Each swimmer may enter up to four (4) events per day.
Entries exceeding this limit will be scratched without notification, and
entry fees for entry count limitation scratches will not be refunded.

•Deck entries will not be allowed.

• Fly-fish, Pre-comp and Dev will not attend this swim meet due to training level