FXFX February Festival 2021

Feb 27, 2021 - Feb 28, 2021
February, 12 2021
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PWCS Aquatics Center (on the campus of Colgan High School)
13833 Dumfries Road, Door #25
Manassas, VA 20112
VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION >>> Click HERE to volunteer for the meet.




Please review the updated meet announcement (on the meet page). You'll notice on Page 1 the highlighted section with the adjusted start times. There is also an attachment with a chart of estimated start times.  13 and 14s racing on Saturday morning: take a look at the new start time for your warm-ups.


Please  CLICK HERE for all swimmers, officials and Volunteers to complete for each day prior to entering Colgan High School.


You can  CLICK HERE for a copy of the warm-up assignments.  We can have 3 swimmers per lane (a change from other meets) so be diligent with your supervision. Remember the times for each session are adjusted so please keep close watch at this shared document. If there are big adjustments needed, we will notify you swiftly.

All seating will be within viewing of the pool.  We will review seating arrangements at tomorrow's meeting.  Coaches, marshals and officials will all be ensuring that social distancing and best practices are in place.


We'll have more information about this at tomorrow's meetings and site-on-scene on Saturday, but to maximize social distancing, we will have a VIRTUAL SCRATCH TABLE for all of the 13 and 14 plus 15 and Older Prelims sessions on Saturday morning.  We will do everything we can to ensure your swimmers are made aware they have made finals.  

Should you have a swimmer that is going to scratch finals, you'll need to email [email protected].  The links on this tab will show the updated status of event scratches.

We will notify everyone of the seeding for Finals for Saturday.  We will discuss contact information during our coaches meeting tomorrow.


You have this in your Google Calendars for Friday, Feb. 26 at 5:30pm.

Click  HERE for the link.  We're looking forward to speaking with you.


Kelly sent an email last night regarding officiating for this weekend. Thank you very much for volunteering your time and talents this weekend. We will not have an officials' meeting before each session, but instead will meet just once, virtually, tonight at 7:00pm (information below).   If you can't make it, I ask that you review the  USA Swimming Officials Briefing.

Zoom Meeting Information :


Meeting ID: 819 4641 2564
Passcode: n2L4sE

VOLUNTEERS + Zoom Meeting (briefing)

Click  HERE to volunteer for the meeting. We still need a few more volunteer slots filled so please do everything you can to fill these voids.  We thank you for your support.

After the coaches meeting concludes, we'll begin our volunteers meeting at 6pm.  Please click  HERE for the link.

Facebook Live Streaming

The Facebook live events are up on the Foxes FB page.  Click  HERE for more information.

Hospitalit y

We will have light hospitality available for officials, marshals, timers and coaches.  Lunch will be available for officials and coaches both on Saturday and Sunday along with other items.


OUR NUMBERS ARE VERY LIMITED FOR THIS MEET, SO ONLY THE COACH-SELECTED 13-14 and 15&OVER SWIMMERS LISTED BELOW are eligible. A list of those swimmers is also attached.