13 & over Taper meet

Mar 21, 2021 (12:00 PM) - Mar 21, 2021 (03:30 PM)
March, 18 2021


This will be a meet where we rest the swimmers and advise many of them to shave and wear a tech suit.

We will cut out weight lifting and hard practices about 7 days prior to this meet and try to incorporate yoga to be fully ready to compete. This taper is usually done ( prior pandemic) at the Long Island meet in December and again during Championship season (March), however, due to the current situation this is the next best thing.

Events will be posted within a few weeks as well as the number of events you can swim in. We will also have some relays for each age group (13/14 & 15/18) all individual events will be open events.

More details to follow.

-Coach Ray