2021 MT Swim Short Course State WEST at Polson

Feb 26, 2021 - Feb 28, 2021
February, 17 2021


HOST: MT Swimming and Polson 

Location, Mission Valley Aquatics

Pool: 25 SCY Indoor Pool

This is a Qualifying Meet.

SC State WEST at Polson Live Stream Information:

Due to COVID precautions the 2021 Montana Swimming Short Course Championships will be hosted in two locations -- Bozeman and Polson. Teams will be divided between the two locations.

The meet will be held in a virtual format. After the completion of both meets, the results will be merged and the winners announced. Awards will be mailed to teams after the meet.

WEST MEET TEAMS: MAC, MYST, GFST, HAV, LAKE, GAC/KATS and unattached swimmers from these areas (Missoula, Great Falls, Havre, Polson and Kalispell/Whitefish areas).

WEST Event File was emailed to coaches of the west teams.

Athletes with FLEX Memberships may NOT compete in this meet. Flex members will need to upgrade to either a year round premium membership or a seasonal membership with Montana Swimming to compete in this meet. Membership upgrades must be completed before entering the meet. 

This meet is only open to currently registered athlete members of Montana Swimming.

OUTREACH ATHLETES: Currently registered outreach athletes may enter SC State at a reduced fee of $10.00 total. Please use the meet entry fee summary/waiver form in the meet contract to complete outreach athlete entry fees. Teams must submit a list of outreach athletes to the meet registrar and admin referee when submitting fees. Outreach athlete membership will be verified by Montana Swimming.

SPECTATORS: There will be no spectators at these meets. Both events will be live streamed. Live stream information is posted above.

MEET PROGRAMS: The meet program for each venue will be posted on the Montana Swimming website and will be available on Meet Mobile. There is no charge for the program.

ENTRY PROCESS: Entries must be made using the correct Meet Manager event file for the correct meet - East or West. The meet entry deadline is February 17, 2021.

The meet registrar must receive entries by midnight, Wednesday, February 17, 2020.  The entry fee summary and waiver release form, USA Swimming registration form, and entry fee payment must be received by Friday, February 19, 2021.

New late qualifying swims/times achieved between the end of the regular meet entry deadline and the late entry deadline will be accepted for entry purposes for all Montana Swimming championships meets. The new late qualifying swims will be entered at the regular entry fee rate (not the late fee). These entries may not be used to better a previously entered time for that meet.

Late Entry Deadline: Late Entries submitted to the Meet Registrar shall be accepted if received no later than 10:00 pm MDT on February 20, 2020, and subsequently verified by the Registrar. Late Entries may not be used to improve the seed time of a previously submitted entry. No addition of swimmers, added events, relays or changes will be allowed after the late entry date.

Late entry fees: $35 surcharge; $6 per individual event and $16 per relay.

MEET START TIME: Check the posted warm-up schedule for the meet start times. 

SENIOR RECOGNITION: Graduating high school and college swimmers will be recognized at the beginning of prelims on Saturday. Please e-mail a very brief statement for each swimmer, no longer than 1/8 page in length stating the swimmer’s name, high school, MT Swimming team,  brief college or career plans, and any future swimming plans, to the Meet Director of the East or West meet.

SENIOR COLLEGE BOUND RECOGNITION: MT Swimming will recognize all graduating seniors on the website on the College Bound page (under the athlete tab). Please email Susan Huckeby the name of your senior swimmer, MT Swimming club name, high school, and where he/she/they plan to attend college or other plans after graduation.