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Elsmore TYR Tech Suit Try-On Special Event

Feb 24, 2021 (02:00 PM) - Feb 24, 2021 (04:00 PM)
February, 24 2021


Erica Bredeson, the TYR Midwest Sales Representative, is coming to the Minnetonka Elsmore Store to do a tech suit try on just for us! Erica is also bringing in the TYR Midwest Brand Promostions Representative, Haley Spencer, on a IPad to help out! And this is during our Fabulous February Fundraiser Sale so you can get a 25% Discount on the suit, and 10% of the sales are donated to our team!

Who's this event for? Any Minnetonka Swimmer (and Parent) looking to get a new tech suit or a tech-ish suit (for 12&unders) to wear at the end of the season!

What is it? An opportunity for swimmers to try on tech suits- which fit very differently from a practice suit- and make sure you pick out the right one before ordering!

Wait, I have to order the suit? Yes, due to COVID there is limited stock available in stores, so orders must be made. So, having the right size is extra important!

Where is this Try-on Happening? The Elsmore store in Minnetonka on Highway 7, a bit east of Shady Oak Rd. Not too far away!

When is it? Wednesday, February 24th, 2:00-4:00pm! This is after their regular store hours, but they are staying open late just for us!

Why are we doing this? Because having the right tech suit that fits correctly matters! And, because there are new USA Swimming tech suit restrictions in place that means you can buy a suit that is NOT allowable for your 12&under suit to race in!

How do I do this? You read this event page and commit to attend! Then show up at the MTKA Elsmore store for the suit fitting event!

Why do we have to commit? Because the COVID pandemic means that they can only have 40 people in their store at a time! That means only 18 athletes if every athlete brings a parent! If we need to schedule more time, we will! Can  more than 18 swimmers participate? Yes! It doesn't take 2 hours to try on some suits- but you might have to wait outside (we recommend in your car).

Check out this Elsmore page to see which tech suits are legal for 12&Unders! You'll want to look at the "Novice" suits to find something legal! Elsmore Tech Suit Guide