2021 YMCA Swimming Festival

Apr 8, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021
March, 28 2021


This meet will take place at the NL Aquatic Center, Vorhees, NJ

All 12&older swimmers that qualify will be entered automatically in this meet.

Message from the organizing team:

Dear Coaches:

Attached is the meet document for the upcoming YMCA Festival (event file to come soon).  As you read through it, you are going to see that the fees for this event are quite high, and below is the reason why

  • We have to rent the pool for 4 full days

  • We have to rent the Gym area for 4 full days

  • To hold a meet at the facility we have to use their timing service along with paying their fees

  • We have to rent an outside tent and provide food for hospitality maybe with heaters because there is no indoor area, where we can social distance.

  • NL aquatic center had to cancel its lessons in the evenings so we can have the back pool for warm-up, warm down at finals.  We had to subsidize their losses

  • We have to provide hotel rooms for the key officials for the 4 nights.

Based on the survey we will have between 150 to 200 swimmers attending based on the survey and will have very few relays, the fees posted are really the only way we could afford to run this event.

I know that things are rapidly changing but at the time, I felt this was the best option for NJ YMCAs at the time.