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2021 YMCA "Virtual State Meet"

Mar 6, 2021 (01:00 AM) - Mar 7, 2021 (08:00 AM)
March, 1 2021


2021 YMCA Virtual State Meet

Location: Milford High School, 2380 S. Milford Road, Highland, MI, 48357

Date: March 6th&7th


Saturday&Sunday - 

Session 1: 11-12 Girls & All 10&Unders - Arrive 12:45| Warm Up 1:00| Meet Start 1:30

Session 2: 11-12 Boys &All 13&Ups - Arrive 4:15| Warm Up 4:30| Meet Start 5:00


Please read all info!!

  • There will be NO SPECTATORS for this meet
  • You DO NOT need a qualifying time to swim at this meet
  • Swimmers may choose a maximum of 3 individual events per day for relay swimmers and 4 events per day for swimmers not in relays
  • Meet Event Numbers - The event numbers for the meet will not follow a sequential order numberically. This is because FFYS rearranged the events after it was sent out by the host(RAYS). The events will follow the order(top being the first events, bottom being the last) on the attached events list
  • When reading the meet packet, it is important to know that the RAYS team sent out the general "virtual meet info" and then FFYS created a meet around the parameters set by the RAYS.
  • Our team "area" will be in the stands at Milford, our swimmers will be marshalled down to the pool deck for their events
    • Bring lots of food and water, there will be no concessions
  • We WILL be going for zone cuts - shave down and suit up!
  • Results from our meet WILL NOT be on meet mobile until AFTER results from around the state are compiled. This could take a couple days.
    • Swimmers will need to ask for their time from the timers and remember it.(They should already be doing this)


I will be sending out a volunteer sign up genius link at noon on Saturday for this meet. FFYS is asking for 5 timers each session and 2 security/marshalling volunteers for older kids and 4 for younger kids per session.