2021 GTSA TYR Championship Meet (All Squads)

Apr 9, 2021 - Apr 11, 2021
March, 12 2021
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2021 GTSA Spring Championship Meet

April 9 - 11, 2021

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Heat Sheets

[04/05/2021]  Note from the Meet Director:

Please have your swimmers bring shoes that can be slipped on and off while they are at the meet.

[03/04/21] Note from Meet director:

We are reaching out to inform you that the upcoming meet at Bobby Hicks will have strict spectator rules. Swimmers will be competing on the East and West ends, so there will be only 1 spectator (no children) in the stands for each family. CDC Social Distancing guidelines will be followed and marked in the stands. There is a high chance that spectators will need to exit after each event has completed, but our goal is to allow spectators to remain seated throughout the entire session.   

If you have both parents coming to the meet and they both would like to watch their child swim I would suggest they volunteer to be a timer. I will do my best to give them a timing job but need to know before Monday. This will guarantee them a front row seat.

**To manage the number of spectators in the stands, GTSA will require swim families no more than 1 spectator present in the stands. The stands will not open until 8:20a.  No parents will be in stands during warmup or at the fence around the pool.  Spectators need to stay in their vehicles until 8:15a unless they are volunteering you will need to show up at the time informed.

Let us know ASAP if you have someone that wants to volunteer. I will do my best to move my parents around to other jobs.

Regarding warm-ups ( HERE) - you are in control of your lanes. We are encouraged to start on both sides of the pool (example 5 swimmers on north 5 on south). If you prefer less swimmers in your assigned lanes you can modify as needed. There are a few open lanes that can be shared or used as needed.

2 Team Areas (Tents) (HERE) - We have assigned areas for each team. These areas are for swimmers/coaches only. No parents should be in the team areas. If you would like to rent a tent for the meet, please feel free to reach out to Brandon Rental - 813-654-7368 (ask for Candice or Darryn) as this year we are unable to provide.

Meet guidelines ( HERE) - Mask are required

Flow Chart for swimmers (HERE)

We will be posting more items on our website at

Meet Results live link -

Snack Bar - will be limited with water, gatorade and some snacks.

Meet programs will be HERE soon.

We will also have a t-shirt vendor.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Todd Hoffmeier
Aquatic Director / Head Age Group Coach