Spartan Pride WP 14 and Under

Apr 10, 2021 (01:30 PM) - Apr 10, 2021 (05:00 PM)
April, 9 2021


@ Perkiomen Valley HS pool

Arrive 20 minutes before gametime.  Masks worn except in water.  At this time no fans are allowed due to capacity limits.  We suggest carpooling if possible.

2:00 Spartan Pride  vs Brooklyn 
4:30 Spartan Pride  vs Maverick Boys


Some general rules for the game sites

  • Teams may not enter until the prior team has left
  • Teams may not enter earlier than 20 minutes prior to game time
  • Teams must leave the deck immediately after the game 
  • There will be no captain’s meeting prior to the game/ 
  • Electronic whistles or pouches will be used/ 
  • Team benches will be placed behind each goal line and randomly assigned
  • Teams will not switch ends during games at all-deep facilities 
  • No locker rooms available only restrooms.  No changing out of suit afterwards.
  • 22 min running halves (last minute stop time in each half)
  • One-minute TO per half. 
  • One-minute halftime  
  • Coaches are not permitted to move past the goal line during the game at any time/ 
  • Coaches may speak to officials during breaks while maintaining social distancing/ 
  • Coaches must wear masks while in the facility