Tech Planning Committee Meeting

Apr 14, 2021 (08:30 PM) - Apr 14, 2021 (10:30 PM)
April, 14 2021


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Tech Planning 2021-2022 Swim Meet Calendars

At the upcoming April 15th Tech Planning meeting, we will be setting both the 2021 Long Course and the 2021-2022 Short Course calendar. At the last two LSC meetings, we left the calendars as living documents. In an effort to return to normalcy, we would like to return to the practice of setting the calendar according to the meet bidding procedures laid out in our governing documents (Section 2, Rules & Regulations).

2. Meet Biding Procedure The short course and long course meet schedules for the LSC are determined at the spring and fall House of Delegates meetings, respectively. 2.1 In order to gain permission to host a USA SWIMMING meet, a club must have a representative at the appropriate LSC meeting to make known the club’s desire to host a meet on certain dates and give a defined meet format. 2.2 Notification of the Technical Planning Chairman prior to the LSC meeting about proposed meets allows for overall LSC meet planning. 2.3 Clubs must provide information about event fees, awards, and surcharges for each bid(s). Except as provided herein, no surcharges are allowed without the advance consent of the GSI Board of Directors. Requests for sanction or approval of any meet not bid at the LSC Meeting will be reviewed by the Sanction Committee to determine if the meet interferes in anyway with previously bid meets. If the committee determines a conflict, request for sanction/approval will be denied. 2.4 Approval is given by vote of the House of Delegates.

While there will be continued flexibility, especially for those teams who regain access to water for hosting meets after the HOD meeting, all sanctions must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the meet date (Rules & Regulations 5.2.2). Any team facing extenuating circumstances due to COVID will be granted exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

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