Gold Invite

May 14, 2021 - May 16, 2021
May, 1 2021


Gold Invite @ Cumming Aquatic Center, Cumming, GA. 
Long Course Meet

Facility Address:  201 Aquatic Circle, Cumming, GA  30040.    770-781-1781

The host team will be letting one parent per family into the balcony and asking everyone wear a mask. There will be no parents allowed on deck. 

Saturday & Sunday Morning Warm Up @ 7:30am; Lane 8.

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon Warm Up @ 12:30pm; Lane 7.

NOTES from the Host Team:

             50’s will start from the turn end of the pool.

  • The heat sheets have the lanes numbered 1-7.  We are actually swimming in 4-10 and will have signs hanging up to indicate the appropriate lane numbers for competition.  Lanes 1-2 will be used for warm-up and warm-down with swimmers entering and exiting from the turn end of the pool.  We will lose lane 1 for a period of time on Saturday for the facility to use but we will have lane 2 open for warm-up and warm-down still.
  • To make things as confusing as possible, we have the lanes that will be numbered correctly according to how the heat sheet is printed but for warm-ups we are using the traditional lane numbers.



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