Apr 23, 2021 - Apr 24, 2021
April, 13 2021


Good morning!

We are going to travel back to Savannah at the end of April for an IMX/ IMR meet.This is a really fun format where kids swim distances that challenge them to be ready for an IMXtreme (400 IM - for our adventureous swimmers) or the IMReady which is the 200 IM events.  Swimmers will swim a total of 5 events that will challenge their IM readiness, those swims are awarded points based on rank and time, and the top swimmers win prizes in each age group!

This is probably my favorite meet format!  

The older swimmers can swim a couple of events friday night, and then also Saturday morning to complete the IMX challenge. Anyone can participate in the Saturday only IMR session that warms up at 12:30pm. Two formats, one meet!

When choosing events, please note that the IMReady is session III. The IMXtreme will be sessions I & II.  Meet info is available by clicking on the meet name under the schedule. Then click on the uploaded file under Meet Info.

It's Savannah in the spring! There are definitely worse places to be!