2021 Spring HOD

Apr 17, 2021 (12:00 PM) - Apr 17, 2021 (04:00 PM)
April, 15 2021
Head Coach



Delegate Registration for meeting - For attendance and voting - Head coaches or designees only - 1 form per club

Zoom Meeting Link - For security, entry into meeting


Meeting Leadership - Contact us with any questions as noted below

Steve Potter - GSI General Chair, Meeting Lead

Lora Thompson -  [email protected]  - Managing check-in, Confirming registration matches user name

John Pepper - [email protected]  - Elections, Coordinating ElectionRunner

Rob Copeland -  [email protected]  - Parliamentarian 

Beau Caldwell -  [email protected]  - GSI Secretary, HOD Coordinator, pre-meeting questions



Registration form  - Complete by Thursday, April 15 at 9:00pm - 1 form per club includes all delegates

Adds/edits accepted until Saturday, April 17 at 10:00am -  [email protected]  &  [email protected]   



Pre-meeting -  Delegates are encouraged to read each report posted on the bottom of this page

11:30am - Noon - delegates enter HOD Zoom room - please enter by 11:50am so we may start by Noon

Delegates  list name as “First + Last + CLUB”

Example: Beau Caldwell-SEGA

Non delegates  list name as “ND-First + Last + CLUB -

Example:  ND-Taylor McMinn SEGA

Noon -  HOD Meeting Begins


In-Meeting communication

Motions must be made via voice. Moderators cannot monitor voice and chat box to determine the correct motion made

-Per GSI bylaws, Roberts Rules will govern the meeting

-Consent agenda will be used for officer and committee reports; General chair will read a list of officer/committee reports, asking for any that need pulled; attendees may press “raise hand” if a report needs pulled for discussion or vote. 

-Attendees must push "raise hand" button to be acknowledged, the moderator will unmute in order they are received. 

-Attendees may speak on new information and arguments to support or speak against the current motion; echoing 

previous discussion points is encouraged to be limited to only once per discussion point. 

-GSI reserves the right to suspend the meeting if technology cannot effectively be used, attendees cannot speak, hear, or vote appropriately. 


Voting on motions/reports

Motions must be made via voice. Moderators cannot monitor voice and chat box to determine the correct motion made

Motions and any amendments will be typed into chat for clarification

Delegates electronically select “Yes” to approve motion or “No” to not approve motion 



Elections conducted via ElectionRunner; Delegates must have access to email address used for registration

1 ballot will be used for all elections - Elections will be open for 15 minutes from time email is sent

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2021 Long Course Meet Schedule