WAVES Spring Flowers Meet

Apr 17, 2021
April, 10 2021
April 15, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


Location: Bloomington High School

  • This meet is open to all WAVES team members.  Events selected by coaches.
  • Entry fee $10 per swimmer.
  • Limit of one parent per swimmer.
  • Sanctioned by Illinois Swimming as an approved meet #ILS 0438-21A.
    • Officials certified by USAS will get session credits for this meet.
    • Trainee officials may work this meet and receive session credits toward full certification.
    • Swimmers' times from this meet will be entered into the USAS times database.
  • This meet is conducted as a closed Y meet.
    • Officials Y certified may work this meet (do not need USAS officials training).

Format and Schedule

  • Meet set up 11:30a - set up timing system, your help needed!  If you like puzzles you'll love learning this electronic jig-saw puzzle connecting cabling!  Everyone enjoys the feeling of accomplishing a newly acquired Mastery.  And then in future meets you can help others solve this FUN puzzle!
  • Session 1 - ages 10-under, warm up 12:00 noon, start 12:20p, estimated conclusion by 1:40p.
  • Session 2 - ages 11-older, warm up 1:45p, start 2:15p, estimated conclusion by 4:00p.
  • Meet clean up at meet conclusion - about 20 minutes with adequate volunteers.  Team parents!  This is the most FUN, SOCIAL opportunity you'll find in all your years of being a swim parent!  The easiest way to get to know others is through shared activities.  Creating parent connection with other team parents is a little-known but KEY factor in your child's long term enjoyment and success in the sport.