2021 Diving State Championship

Apr 17, 2021
April, 17 2021


The entire diving competition will be held at The Ensworth School on Saturday, April 17th.

It is in agreement with the Tennessee dive coaches, that we will suspend the 3 meet (and at least one 11 dive meet) qualification rule for this season due to the COVID Pandemic.  The 2021 State meet competition will be all 11 dives straight through, no cuts.  Each coach will be expected to only enter those divers with an 11 dive list, and the dive order follows the National High School Federation Standards. There will be seven judges present for the competition, dropping the highest and lowest scores. Competition will consist of five voluntary dives and six optional dives, which may be performed in any order within each stage of competition. The five voluntary dives must come from each of the five groups and the sum total of their assigned degrees of difficulty must be 9.0 or less. The six optional dives must include at least one dive chosen from each of the five groups. All five groups of dives must be represented in the preliminary and semi-final rounds (first eight dives).

The dives to be performed during each stage of the championship competition shall be as follows: 

Rounds 1 - 5:     Any two voluntary dives, any three optional dives.  (Again, no cuts for the 2021 State competition)

Rounds 6 – 8:    Two voluntary dives, one optional dive (this dive must be from a different group than those in rounds 1 -5.

Rounds 9 – 11:  Must have 1 voluntary, two optional dives.

NEW!!  Coaches need to submit diver entries to [email protected], due by Wednesday, 4/16/2021, 6:00pm CST of each diver’s dive list, number, written description, Degree of Difficulty, and required dives.  Please note Voluntary and Optional dives.  (This could be a scanned copy of a dive sheet). ***We WILL NOT be using  

DIVING SCORE SHEETS: Diving score sheets for Women must be submitted, signed by the coach & the diver, written in pencil, by 10:00 am CDT,  Saturday, April 17, 2021Men divers must submit score sheets, by 2:00 pm, SaturdayApril 17, 2021. An entry box will be available at the Diving Scoring table. Score sheets will NOT be accepted after the deadline. Changes are permitted until 30 minutes prior to the start of the diving competition. The dive number for the voluntary dives must be circled on the diving form.  ALL DIVERS MUST BE ENTERED IN HY-TEK OR TEAM UNIFY FILE THAT IS SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY.

STATE DIVING MEET FACILITY:  The Ensworth School, 7401 Highway 100, Nashville, TN 37221

  • The Ensworth Natatorium is to the back of the school, past the football stadium. 
  •  There are Four (4) 1 meter boards on Durafirm stands & Maxi Flex “B” boards. Diving well depth is 12 feet.
  • All divers and spectators must follow Ensworth Covid Protocols and fill out the questionnaire posted on the website prior to entry.   Please do not enter facility prior to 15 minutes before warm up time.
  • Masks must be worn by spectators.  Divers will be required to wear masks at the facility, in between dives during warm-ups and competition.

SPECTATOR GUIDELINE AT ENSWORTH FOR DIVING ONLY:  2 Spectators guests are allowed per diver for Saturday, and can be seated upstairs socially distant. Spectators are not allowed on the pool deck.

Diving Livestream Link : or visit: 

STATE DIVING MEET TIMELINE:  Both Women and Men’s Diving will be all on Saturday, April 17

                   10:00 – 11:00 AM                     Women’s Diving warm-up (Central Daylight Time)

                    10:30 AM                                   Deadline for changes

                    11:00 AM – 1:30 PM               Women’s Diving (rounds 1 – 11) All 11 dives, no cuts

                    2:00 PM – 3:00 PM                   Men’s Diving warm-up

                    2:30 PM                                     Deadline for changes

                    3:00 PM – 4:30 PM                   Men’s Diving (rounds 1 – 11) All 11 dives, no cuts

DIVING DIRECTORS  :   Vanessa Rolfe (615) 554-8115   Tim Jones   (615) 714-8866   Mike Wright  (708) 679-4299     [email protected]