RA Spring Sprints

May 8, 2021
April, 11 2021
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RA at Germantown HS

Saturday, May 8th

Open to: AGB and AGS

Deadline to commit: Sunday, 4/11

This is a great short course (25 yard) meet for our AGB/AGS swimmers 

PM Session:
Warm up 1 (11:40-12:00) RA all lanes
Warm up 2 (12:00-12:20) EBSC lanes 1-5 / SWAT lanes 6-7 / STAT lanes 7-8 ( lane 7 shared)
Warm up 3 (12:20-12:40) WBSC lanes 1-2 / SHOR lanes 3-5 / SPS lanes 5-8 ( lane 5 shared)
Warm up 4 (12:40-12:50) All lanes general warm up/pace/starts
Seating Assignments
Seating inside the pool area is limited. Tables and chairs will be set up outside the pool area in the surrounding hallways. Kids need to bring footwear which must be worn in the hallways, they are advised to bring warm ups to stay warm between events, an extra towel and possibly a blanket if they would prefer to sit on the floor instead of a table. 
PM Session
RA and EBSC will have their athletes in the hallway while not preparing for an event. If other swimmers/teams prefer to sit in the hallway that will be an option, everyone must be in masks except when swimming. All other teams will be in the bleachers or chairs in the pool area