Western Zone Age Group Championship Meet

Aug 4, 2021 - Aug 7, 2021
August, 4 2021


Western Zone Age Group Championship Meet

Aug 4, 2021 - Aug 7, 2021
July, 27 2021



HOST: Inland Empire Swimming and Snake River Swimming

Pool: Westside Aquatic Center 50 LCM Indoor Pool, Lewisville Independent School District, Lewsiville, Texas. (updated 5-1-2021)

The pool is located approximateley 10 minutes north of the Dallas - Fort Worth Airport.

  • There will be an estimated cap of 500 athletes for this meet.
  • No spectators allowed during prelims. Limited spectators allowed during finals. 
  • There will an additional COVID surcharge for all athletes entered in the meet.
  • Check the Western Zone website for more information.


Qualifying Meet: YES

Time Standards: The time standards for the 2021 meet are the same as the 2020 meet. No changes.

Tech suits are NOT ALLOWED for all swimmers ages 12 and under at this meet.

Team gear order deadline: 

Registration fee for Age Group Zones is not yet determined per swimmer

MT Swimming Zone Team Coordinator: Stephanie Boysen or 406-459-3311. Mailing address: 

Age Group Zones Hotel 


Team Montana Head Coach: Kyle Kallin (HLST)

Team Montana Assistant Coach:  Kristen Wyatt (BY)

Meet website:  Inland Empire Swimming and  Snake River Swimming. Information will also be posted on the Western Zone and USA Swimming websites.

Meet Personnel:

Meet Director - Jody Rash

Meet Referee - Debbie Baldwin

Western Zone Championship Coordinator:  Jody Rash

Officials Application to Officiate / Evaluation: See the meet announcement  

Officials: The  Western Zone is the only Zone that will reimburse officials for working 80% of either (or both) of zone meets. Last year the Western Zone took two excellent programs, for each meet, and consolidated them into a single usable workable program - Officials Reimbursement Program for each Meet. Money is generated from each meet and distributed to any Western Zone certified official  based on the criteria of working 80% of the meet and participating in the mentoring program.