BDSC (Blue Devil Swim Club) May Mania Meet at Rec Pex, WI

May 14, 2021 - May 16, 2021
April, 24 2021
Energy 12&U - 1,Energy 12&U - 2,Energy 12&U - 3,Mighty 10&U - 2,Mighty 10&U - 3,Respect 1,Respect 2,Respect 2/3,Respect 3,Tenacious 14&U - 1,Tenacious 14&U - 2,Tenacious 14&U - 3 (SWIMMER)


The BDSC (Blue Devil Swim Club) is hosting a LCM (Long Course Meter Meet) on the weekend of 5/14-5/16/21 at the Rec-Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Deadline to sign up is Monday 4/24, so sign up right away!

This meet is open to the following GSC swim groups by day:

Mighty 2 & 3 (Saturday & Sunday)

Energy 1, 2 & 3 (Saturday & Sunday)

Tenacious 1, 2 & 3 (Saturday) & Tenacious 2 & 3 (Friday PM)

Respect 1, 2 & 3 (Saturday ONLY)

Friday Warm-up: All Tenacious Only 4:30 PM/Meet Start: 5:30 PM

Saturday AM Session (13 & Over): All Tenacious & All Respect                   7:30 AM Warm-up/8:30 AM Meet Start

Saturday & Sunday PM Sessions (12 & Under): Mighty 2 & 3, All Energy       APPROX 12:30 PM Warm-up/1:30 PM Meet Start

Your Escrow Accounts will be charged if you commit to attend the meet.

Covid protocols will be followed as stated below (Both Coach Steve & Coach Mike have recently attended a meet at the Rec Plex and believe their protocols in place are extremely safe):

COVID-19 Safety Plan  According to Rule  202.4.16:  This plan is for a sanctioned swim meet using semi-automatic timing competing in 10 competition lanes and manual back-up timing. The competition pool is a 10 lane 50 Meter indoor pool.  
Pool Capacity: Current municipal limit is 50% Capacity per session (the meet is capped at 350 swimmers/session). If projected number of participants is close to this number, entries will stop being accepted. There is ample deck space to maintain 6-foot distancing with a few exceptions noted below. Face masks are required. 
Health Monitoring: It is expected that all swimmers, coaches, officials, and volunteers are COVID symptom free and without known exposer with someone with COVID symptoms or diagnosis within the last 10 days. All swimmers, coaches and volunteers entering facility will be screened. All persons admitted to the pool deck will have their temperature checked before entering the facility. Anyone over 100.4 degree may not enter the facility.  
Entry and Exit: Athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers will enter the pool through the Aqua Arena entrance of the Rec Plex. Swimmers will then travel onto the deck by walking through the locker rooms. Coaches, officials, and volunteers must check in at the table in front of the Aqua Desk with credentials and/or volunteer confirmation. They will then enter the pool deck through the Shark Room. A meet marshal shall be placed at the Aqua Desk to ensure that only athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers are allowed past the Aqua Desk.  
Locker rooms: Locker rooms will be available for swimmers to use, but marshals will ensure that no swimmers are using the locker rooms as a crash area. Showers and changing are not allowed at this time. Swim bags shall be placed in the designated swimmer rest areas. Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly per RecPlex facilities safety plan.  
Spectators: Spectators are not allowed inside the facility. Spectators have access to the lobby restrooms right inside the Aqua Arena facility entrance. Masks are required when coming into use 
the restrooms. The meet will be live streamed and those wishing to watch are encouraged to do so in a socially distant manner. The live stream link will be available at  

Deck set-up: Deck marking, and signage will be posted throughout the facility to help attendees maintain 6-foot spacing throughout the meet. Hand sanitizing stations will be available upon entry and on the deck. Disposable face masks (for $1) will be available at the RecPlex front desk. Teams are encouraged to provide masks to swimmers who come unprepared.