Lifeguard Appreciation

Apr 15, 2021 - Jul 21, 2021
April, 15 2021
July 20, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)


Bozeman Barracudas want to show our appreciation for the awesome lifeguards at the Swim Center that have enabled us to continue our training in the midst of the COVID situation. One volunteer point will be awarded for completion of this appreciation. Member Families will be limited to one sign-up slot per season. 

1. Sign up for your desired shift using the "Job Sign Up" tab in the top right corner. 

2. On your assigned day, bring homemade or store bought treats/food to feed approximately 5 lifeguards. There are no food allergies. Ideas: two pizzas, bagels + cream cheese, chips+salsa+guacamole, etc. 

*Optional, but encouraged would be a handwritten card or note from your family/swimmers thanking the lifeguards*

3. Bring food directly to lifeguard on duty at the front check-in desk or lifeguard room