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ISCA Summer Senior Blast

Jul 27, 2021 - Aug 1, 2021
July, 1 2021
Junior Performance,Senior Advanced,Senior High Performance,Senior Performance ([* ALL Locations *])


ISCA Summer Senior Championship
July 27-August 1, 2021
St. Petersburg, FL

Qualifying athletes - JP/SA/SP/SHP

All athletes must have an Approved Adult.
Each Approved Adult may be responsible for up to 4 athletes.
We will have a team hotel block posted shortly as well as recommended travel schedule.
Families should have a travel contingency plan in the event of illness that would prevent air travel.
Athletes & Approved Adults are recommended to become fully vaccinated prior to travel. 

It is recommended that athletes stay 2/room to minimize effects in the event of illness.

Current Qualifiers: 
Olivia Abbott-Havers
George Angelov
Pearce Bailey
Alexis Burton
Ethan Chan
Willhelm Chaplin
Sabrina Comess

Sam Dienstag
Jimmy Dukes
Step Flanagan
Parker Fleischman
Connie Gillum
Kaelyn Gridley
Aidan Hulseman
Mary Jania
Rosie Jania
Zuzana Janusz
Connor Jones
Anders Kalvenes
Davaid Kolssak
Molly MacKinnon
Megan Meade
Alex Michael
Elyse Newlands
Will Newlands
Maeve O'Donnell
Joelle Ohr
Maddy Ohr
Pierson Ohr
Greta Pelzek
Lierin Peterson
Maddy Reed
Red Ricciardi
Olivia Safarikova
Jane Sanderson
Marin Shimkus
Mack Smith
JP Soukoulis
Charlie Steinback
Ric Vandergraaf
Alexis Wendel
Leslie Wendel
Anna Werts
Graham Wilson
Ward Wilson
Joyce Yoon

Qualifying Times: