USA only: Busbey Invitational (LC) P/F

May 14, 2021 - May 16, 2021
April, 26 2021
USA Swimming Members



Busbey Invitational, May 14-16   (see new location)

LOCATION:  SPIRE INSTITUTE Aquatic Center, 5201 Spire Circle, Geneva, 44041. Take 90 to Exit 218.

Meet Type:  Invitational - Prelim/Finals

ENTRY FEES:  $ 65.00 which includes events, admission for 1 spectator, digital heat sheet and LESI swimmer surcharge. Relays $20.00 

ENTRY LIMITATIONS:  Swimmers can compete in 2 events on Friday and up to 4 individual events per day on Saturday and Sunday. Teams can enter a max of  2 relays per relay event.   Events need to be swum in the same session.

DECK ENTRIES:  Deck Entries are not permitted

ELIGIBILITY: Swimmers must be current athlete members of USA swimming.  Coaches must be current coach members of USA swimming and must check in before entering the pool deck.  All coaches must display the deck pass & a wristband is required to be worn by all coaches issued by the meet host.  Age of the swimmer is as of the first day of the meet, May 14, 2021 There will be no on-deck registration for coaches or athletes.

QUALIFYING TIMES:  Please see the event listings.  Swimmers must be equal to or faster than the cuts listed.  Enter at either short course yards(Y) or long course meters (L) times. Converted times may not be used. Meet management will convert non-conforming times. All swimmers must have an actual time to enter an event-NT is not acceptable.  Individual entries with NT will NOT be processed and space will not be saved.

*** Parents are responsible for all fines/fees associated with their swimmer for this, and every invitational meet.


  • Friday night warm ups will start at 4:45 PM warm ups will last 45 minutes and the meet will start at 5:35 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday morning  Sessions warm ups will start at 8:00 AM.  Warm ups will last 45 minutes and the meet will start at 8:50 AM.
  • Warm-ups may be split if the number of athletes entered in the session exceed the recommended USA swimming guidelines for number of swimmers per lane.  If warm-ups are split, there will be two (2) or Three (3) 30 minute warm-ups and the meet will begin 5 minutes later after sanitizing the blocks.
  • There will be a break between sessions to allow for adequate sanitation and egress of swimmers from the previous session.  No swimmer from a later session will be allowed on deck until all the swimmers from the previous session have left the pool deck.
  • Sessions and events may be combined or split depending on entries received. Heats may be limited depending on entries received
  • The finalized warm up plan for all the sessions will be found at Lake Erie website by May 12, 2021.