USA: GCSTO Creekside Blues & Jazz Fest (Gahanna)

Jun 11, 2021 - Jun 13, 2021
May, 27 2021


Posted 6.8.21

COVID Procedures

As previously communicated, we have relaxed our policies to allow masks to be an optional choice for this meet. Additionally, we will be allowing TWO spectators per family to watch the meet (additional swimmers in the family will not count as spectators). While masks are not required, we do ask that you remain aware of your surroundings and cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Also, if a swimmer or family member becomes ill, please be sure to stay home to get healthy.


The Gahanna Parks & Recreation department will be facilitating parking for the meet. There will be a small cost of $5 per day or $10 for the weekend for spectator parking. Please be sure to drive slowly and stop for parking staff when entering the facility. Parking may be tight, so we encourage you to carpool when possible. I have attached parking passes for coaches, volunteers & officials. We are using the honor system that these passes will not be used by spectators.

13&O Sessions - All parking for this session should be in the front lot. You will enter through the main gate and walk back to the competition pool.

11-12 & 10&U Sessions - All parking for these sessions should be in the back lot. Follow the service road to the left of the facility and enter the back gate.

Miscellaneous Information

Heat Sheets will be available at the meet for $2 per session.

Seating for spectators will not be provided. Please bring your own lawn/camping chairs if you would like. Spectators are not permitted to sit or congregate on the concrete deck area around the pool as this is for athletes, coaches and officials. Additionally, we ask that spectators only stay around the pool area when watching their athlete compete. 

Tents are permitted, but must not be bigger than 10'x10' and cannot be staked down. Additionally, per Fire Marshal rules, tents must be separated by at least 3 feet. There is plenty of room, so please spread out.

Arrive 10 minutes before warmups!

Friday Warmups

  • 13 and Over Session - 7:15 am
  • 11-12 Session - 11:20 am
  • 10 & Under Session - 2:30 pm

Saturday Warmups

  • 13 and Over Session - 7:45 am
  • 11-12 Session - 11:20 am
  • 10 & Under Session - 2:30 pm

Sunday Warmups

  • 13 and Over Session - 7:15 pm
  • 11-12 Session - 11:20 pm
  • 10 & Under Session - 2:30 pm

COVID POLICY UPDATES FROM GSCTO:  I just wanted to touch base about our COVID policy updates. Per state and local guidelines, as well as the Gahanna Pool, we have relaxed our policies to allow masks to be optional. This will be true for coaches, athletes, volunteers and spectators at the meet this weekend.

We are still asking to have only two spectators per family (though siblings competing in different sessions may stay with their parents). While we will not be requiring masks, we do ask for common courtesy from folks (cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing, stay home if sick, etc.).

With this, we will not be marking off specific areas for your teams, but we do ask that your families and athletes try to sit somewhat together. We also ask that you remind spectators that they are not to congregate on the concrete deck around the pool and that they only stand by the pool when they have a swimmer competing. This will help minimize grouping too many people together.

 Of course, if anyone wants to wear a mask, they are certainly able to do so.


The meet packet is posted!

We have participated in this meet for many years, however, they are only inviting a few other teams this year and limiting the number of swimmer per session.  We are first on the wait list if there is room and they will let us know by June 3rd if we are accepted; however, our entries are due early!  The sign up deadline is Friday, May 28th at noon.  (They are running a much smaller meet this year due to Covid protocol).

They already asked for volunteers and they pay visiting timers $15.00 to time!!  When you sign your swimmer up for this meet, please indicate in the notes if you willing to volunteer - list the day and session you can time.  

GCSTO will need the help of visiting team parents to time as we will simply not have enough individuals from our team capable of staffing the entire meet. As such, we will work out timer assignments with the coaching staffs of each team attending the meet. Timers from other teams will be refunded $15 per session that they time. All timer volunteers will have shaded conditions (we have tents to cover the timers), will be well watered and will be fed ample finger-food throughout the course of each session. We will use volunteers into any open timing positions it is that are still needed. 

EVENT LIMIT:  No swimmer may swim no more than four (4) individual events per day

Location: Gahanna, OH