May Swim Clinic

May 3, 2021 (06:00 PM) - May 28, 2021 (09:00 PM)
May, 5 2021


May Swim Clinic

This clinic is designed to prepare swimmers for Summer Swim.  These will be Endurance Clinics.

Here is the Schedule for the Clinics:

MAY Clinic Schedule:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Group 1  6 to 7  off  6 to 7  off  6 to7
Group 2  6 to 7:15  6 to 7:15  off  6 to 7:15  6 to 7:15
Group 3  7:15 to 9  7:15 to 9  7:15 to 9  7:15 to 9  7:15 to 9
Group 4  off   6 to 6:45  6 to 6:45  6 to 6:45  off
These clinics are open to all MAC and MAC USA Swimmers, as well as non MAC swimmers(swimmers who have not swam for MAC in the past). If you are interested in having your non MAC swimmer evaluated for a clinic, please email Tori Rosa at [email protected] 
The Clinic will begin May 3rd. Clinic Participant Groups will be capped; we will be adhering to the COVID 19 Guidelines as dictated by the district. MAC is permitted to have no more than 25% capacity in the pool and pool area at any given time.
Clinic PRACTICE GROUPS: The May Clinic Groups are the same as the April Clinic Groups. If you did not participate in an April Clinic please follow these guidelines: If your swimmer is a USA 3 Swimmer, they are in clinic practice group 3. If your swimmer is a MAC swimmer or in any other USA group, please email Tori to get your Clinic Practice Group. Please do not sign up without emailing Tori to get your practice group. The Price for these clinics will be $150 per four week session. 
These Clinics will be on a first come first served basis. We will open registration for the first clinic today, 4/19 at 5pm.To register for a clinic you will need to hit the May Clinic Event under our Events Tab  then hit Registration online and proceed from there.



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