CPAC SECTIONAL Invite (Short Course)

May 13, 2021 - May 16, 2021
May, 12 2021
Coaches, College, Senior Premier, Senior Premier LC



We are anticipating that there will be two sessions/flights each day. Session One is represented by events 1-36.  Session 2 is represented by events 101-136.
Swimmers do not get to choose their session nor are they permitted to flip/flop from one session to the other.
Warm-up times and Start times are all subject to change
If you want to get started on your entry, you may enter everyone in events 1-36.  However in all likelihood, you will need to switch some swimmers to 101-136 once we confirm all entries and our pool deck capacity with swimmers, coaches, officials and timers.
Event Limits:  3 per day and 8 for the meet
ALL times: Must be provable in the USA Swimming database.  If a false time is entered to improve a swimmer's seed time, the swimmer will be removed from the event up until the start of the race.
Bonus Events: We are changing this to allow all swimmers 6 events!
So one qualifying event allows for 5 bonus, 2 qualifying events=4 bonus, 3 qualifying events=3 bonus events...etc. 
Please note that the only way to swim 7 or 8 events is without any bonus events.  (A swimmer with 6 or 7 qualifying cuts cannot add a bonus event)
If a swimmer is over-entered, we will automatically remove them from the last events entered.
Relays: you must be able to prove these times with the swimmers entered in the relay. Please enter fairly and accurately
The top 8 relays per gender will swim in finals.  All others will swim at the conclusion of the preliminary sessions.  No team is permitted more than 2 relays per gender seeded into finals.
You will need to enter swimmers in the 200 medley relay with 400 medley relay times.
Distance Events:  The 1000 and the 1650 will be swum as timed finals.  The top 8 of both genders will swim as the first event at finals.  
Time Trials:  Time trials may be conducted, should scheduling allow for it