USA: BGSC Invitational (signup by 5/24)

Jun 26, 2021 - Jun 27, 2021
May, 24 2021


June 23, 2021


Here is the final information for the meet this weekend at Bowling Green except for the Live Stream link and I will send that out as soon as I receive it.

Saturday and Sunday Warmups

LTPY swimmers are to meet outside the BG entrance doors by 10:15 am both days!  Please be on time!  Our team will enter the building as a group for warmups.  You may drop your swimmers off in Lot X, but then must park in the Ice Arena lot across the street which is for volunteers and coaches.  Reminder: There are NO parent spectators for this meet unless you are volunteering.

Swimmers are encouraged to wear their suits to the pool to keep numbers low in the locker rooms and it will help be on deck timely for the start of warmups.

Swimmer Scratches

Please let me know by NOON TODAY (Thursday) if your swimmer is scratching from this meet.  The meet requires positive check in on the day of the meet, however, they have requested any known scratches in advance.  Heat sheets will be generated on the morning of the meet each day.   The psych sheets are posted on our team website.

  • LTPY Saturday Scratches – Annabel Long, Luke Troutman
  • LTPY Sunday Scratches – Luke Troutman


From Bowling Green: Technically, swimmers under 12 should be wearing masks because they are not able to be vaccinated. 12 & Under swimmers should wear a mask and bring a container / Ziploc bag to put it in when they are behind the blocks.  There is no bullpen – all swimmers report directly to the blocks for their events and there will be flyover starts. 

Team Apparel

LTPY swimmers are required to wear their silver LTPY team cap if hair is below their ears!  Please wear your LTPY t-shirts / sweatshirts, too!

Volunteers (thank you!)

Saturday Timers must check in at 10:45 am - Tom Reitter and Yi Lin

Sunday Marshals must check in at 9:45 am - Amy Racke and Julia Zhang

Volunteers will enter through the same doors as the swimmers and there will be a check in table.


  • Saturday (Coach Chris) – Events 100 and 200s.
  • Sunday (Coach John) – Events 300 and 400s.

Events are not in numerical order since the sessions were combined.  Please see the posted timeline on the team website for the order of events each day.


Coach Chris (614-406-3628)

Coach John (740-602-3261)

June 22, 2021


Below is the updated information for the Bowling Green meet this weekend (with more to come).  As I previously communicated, they are running ONE session each day.  Attached is the timeline and order of events and LTPY entries.

BG has requested that LTPY provide TWO TIMERS on Saturday and TWO MARSHALS on Sunday.  Please e-mail me today if you are willing to volunteer! 

Coach Chris


1. Coaches, Swimmers, volunteers, and officials are encouraged to wear masks for both sessions. 12&unders do not qualify for a Covid vaccine, so for everyone's safety, it will be encouraged.

2. NO SPECTATORS - please pass this along to your parents.

3. Each team will be assigned a seating area and a map will be sent in advance (we will be using the spectator seating for teams - please remind your swimmers of the traffic pattern if you are assigned to sit upstairs).

4. Each team will receive a time to enter into the facility (no earlier than 10:00am).

5. BG is going to deck seed the meet on the day of the meet.  Do NOT write heats/lanes on arms in advance as they will most likely change after seeding and swimmers will miss events.  If your swimmer is not attending, please let me know in advance.

6. There will be an additional 'scratch out' of the 400 free/IM, 800/1500 free. Those will close at the beginning of the event prior and reseeded (swimmers change their minds about swimming and we don't want any empty lanes).

7. We will be using Lane 8 for wu/wd during the meet. Marshals will be stationed at each end and in the center by the 1-M platform. Please instruct your swimmers to SIT AND SLIDE IN to the pool by the 1-M platform. At the last meet the referee was close to shutting the lane down because swimmers were ignoring the marshals. Just an FYI.

8. There will be a cooler of water for Coaches, Officials, and Volunteers. No hospitality or concessions. Swimmers may bring in food that fits inside their backpack and water/sports drink. Please encourage them to utilize the recycle bins and trash cans!

9. Volunteers:  LTPY must provide TWO SATURDAY timers and TWO SUNDAY marshals. 

10. Live Stream will be set up Saturday morning and emailed to you.

11. PARKING:  you may drop off your swimmers in Lot X, but then you must park in the Ice Arena lot across the street. This is for volunteers, coaches, and officials. The SRC is open and Lot X is reserved for Rec Center members.

12. Current timeline is attached. We will do flyover starts to keep the area behind the blocks clear. The announcer will call each heat to the blocks so there are no more than 3 heats behind the blocks waiting. Please don't send your swimmers any earlier than they are called.




Bowling Green is combining NEXT weekend's meet into one session each day.  Please note Event 218 will be Saturday and 227 on Sunday.  Hopefully, this doesn't cause an issue for anyone. 
Warmups will start around 10 am /meet start at 11:15 am.  Saturday would  end at 4:05pm (after the 400 frees). 
Sunday would  end at 4:30 (after the 1500s). 
Below is the timeline.   
Coach Chris


Location: Bowling Green State University

For the initial entry, each team can enter 30 swimmers in each session: 13 & Over session and 12 & Under session.  LTPY sign up will be based on the date/time you signed up if we exceed the limit.

Please note:

·         For the 400 Free, the entry cut off time is 6:15.

·         For the 800/1500 free, there will be an event limit of 14 swimmers.

Please make sure you select your swimmer's events.  You can make changes later before I submit entries.    (The meet packet is also posted on the team website).

If your swimmer's entry time is incorrect, please include it in the Notes when you sign up.


*With the Governor's announcement yesterday, it's possible additional teams and swimmers will be accepted, but the host team will keep us posted!