USA: BGSC Invitational (signup by 5/5)

May 22, 2021 - May 23, 2021
May, 5 2021


Location: Bowling Green State University


Live Stream Link

I will update the links about an hour before the sessions start.
The link will be different for each live event. 

Afternoon Session :  There will be positive check in for all 200 / 400 / 1500 events in the afternoon.  All 50s will start at the block end.  Timers will walk to the finish end under the scoreboard.

Morning Session 12 & Unders : There will be 7 lanes used for the 100 / 200 events.  50 LCM events will be in Lanes 1-6 and will start at the block end.  (Timers will walk to the finish end under scoreboard).

Heat sheet will be posted to Meet Mobile and to the BGSC website along with any changes.  The Live Stream will have the most current heat sheet which should match Meet Mobile.  (I expect there will be another e-mail with the live stream link).

APPROXIMATE timeline is attached. 

Please make sure swimmers have a container for their mask behind blocks and at warmdown lane.  Masks are still required on campus and in the facility.

The live stream operator at BG is looking for someone to announce the heat/lane by her set up in each session.  If interested, text your name directly to 419.356.4776.

5/20/21 Updates

Entry into the building is by team so please be at the building doors at the time listed.  Swimmers will enter the facility using the ADA access.  Exit only through the ADA entrance of the SRC.  

Look for Coach Chris on Saturday and Coach John on Sunday.


12 & Unders Morning - LTPY Entry at 8:21 am into building (warmup 8:40 am)

Meet start at 9:15 am

13 & Overs  Afternoon - LTPY Entry at 12:47 pm into building (warmup 1:15 pm)

Meet start at 1:50 pm


12 & Unders Morning - LTPY Entry at 8:17 am into building (warmup 8:40 am)

Meet start at 9:15 am

13 & Overs  Afternoon - LTPY Entry at 12:42 pm into building (warmup 1:15 pm)

Meet start at 1:50 pm


  • There are no spectators at this meet.  I will send out live stream link as soon as I get it.
  • Please make sure your swimmer has their LTPY silver team swim cap and LTPY apparel if they have it.  
  • Swimmers should know their event numbers, heat and lane if available on Meet Mobile.
  • Swimmers must wear suits to the Rec Center.  (When you are done swimming, you can change in locker room).
  • There are NO vendor concessions or hospitality.  All must bring their own food that finds inside your swim bag.  NO COOLERS PERMITTED.
  • LTPY will be on the pool deck durng the meet.  See map below.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.  Swimmers should bring ziploc bag to put their mask in at the blocks.
  • Masks must be worn by swimmers until they step up on block.
  • Teams will be required to wait outside with coach until they are called into facility.  Please see entry times above -- please do not be late!  Look for Coach Chris on Saturday and Coach John on Sunday.
  • Heat Sheets will be available on Meet Mobile.
  • Volunteers can park in Lot 10 (Ice Arena).
  • 1500 swimmers must provide their own timers.


Required Waiver - all received, thank you!

All swimmers, coaches and parent volunteers are required to complete the Covid  waiver required by Bowling Green.  Please return to Coach Chris or Coach John  by Tuesday, May 18th.


This is NOT a required meet.


Please review the meet packet carefully.  There will be no spectators at this meet.

Entry Limits and Fees:

• Swimmers may swim a maximum of 4 individual events per day.

• $5 per individual event

• $5 OH LSC surcharge per swimmer.

• $12 Facility Fee per swimmer


Competition Guidelines:

• This meet will be a timed finals meet.

• This meet will be contested in Long Course Meters.  Entry times must be submitted in Long Course meters.  Please include your LC times in the Notes section if missing or incorrect.  If you are unsure, leave blank.

• This meet will be pre-seeded. Deck entries will not be accepted at the meet.

• No 8 & Under events.

• Host team has requested that only “Long-Course Experienced” swimmers enter this meet, especially 10 & Unders.  If your swimmer has not competed Long Course in the past, then Coach Chris will advise if your swimmer may enter this meet, but sign up if interested.