WSY Long Course @ Bucknell

Jun 11, 2021 - Jun 13, 2021
June, 11 2021


Meet Details:  From the Meet Director

Hello to all invited teams.  If you are receiving this email, I have you on the Invite List for the 2021 Long Course Classic to be held at Bucknell University on Friday-Sunday, Jun 11-13, 2021.  The meet invite is here.  The meet event entry file is attached as well is linked here

As I mentioned earlier in the week.  This event will be much different than in past years.  Currently I am only inviting 9 teams and thinking each of you should be OK to have up to 60 athletes per team.  If you think you will have less than 60, let me know ASAP so that I can plan.

Here are some other updates about the meet:

  • The meet is timed finals.
  • All information and updates will be posted at this weblink
  • We need to keep to 190 or less swimmers per session, which based on everything I have submitted to Bucknell University, this fits into the plan
  • We will take 5-minute breaks during the meet for warm-down
  • Most other COVID policies that you are currently using will be in effect including a “Daily Covid self-assessment” (The University wants me to use this for contract tracing purposes)
  • Most events will be limited to 7 heats per event and 4 heats of the 400’s per event.  Again….based on the numbers we have run, we should be good on this.
  • No Spectators, BUT we will have a 2-camera Livestream set up.
  • Any of your parents that are certifies officials, we will use them.
  • We will have to limit the number of coaches each session to two coaches per team-per session.

As you all understand, I have a list of teams that want an opportunity to race at this meet.  What I need to know from each of you is if you will NOT be using all 60 of your slots.  I know it is tough right now to predict, but over the next two weeks (by May 7th), if you know that you will have less than 60 swimmers, can you please let me know so that I can allow another smaller team to enter