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STAR Memorial Day Classic Invitational (Long Course Meet)

May 29, 2021 - May 30, 2021
April, 27 2021
Age Group,Pre-Seniors,Rookies,Seniors (2021 Summer 1)


This is an sanctioned meet for swimmers with qualifying times as highlighted below. USA Officials will be calling DQ's and times achieved will be official USA times. Swimmers are allowed to enter 4 individual events plus one relay per day. Your coaches will put together as many relays as possible using the swimmers who have signed up for the meet. PLEASE NOTE: The team will be assigned to one day, either Saturday OR Sunday. Please complete entries for whichever days you are available to attend and we will await word from STAR on which day there is space for our team!

This meet is for swimmers with:

No Times

Pre-C Times

C Times

B Times

A Times

Champ Times

Zone Times


Pool Location

 Highland Aquatic Center

 1840 Edgecumbe Road

 St. Paul, MN  55116

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Cost - Tentative $45.00 per Swimmer, $2.20 MNSI per Splash Fee $7.00 Coaching Fee


Note from the host team: The meet may run ahead of posted times. Please plan to arrive ahead of the scheduled times! There will not be programs available for purchase at the meet. Please print the programs posted here or follow on Meet Mobile.