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Home Meet vs Davis (USA Meet)

Jun 12, 2021
June, 8 2021
June 11, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
Pointbreaks - 1, Pointbreaks - 2, Pre-Senior - 1, Pre-Senior - 2, Riptide - 1, Riptide - 2, Seniors - 1, Seniors - 2, Shoreline - 2, Tidepool - 1


All swimmers must have current & active USA Swimming Registration before entering this meet.

Intended for swimmers in Tiers 1 or 2 of their respective swimming groups (excluding Tidepool 2).

Previous swim meet experience required (USA or Rec).

The meet will no longer be split into 2 Sessions.
ALL SWIMMERS  [Warmup 7:30 am / Start Time 9:00 am / End Time ≈ 1:00 pm]

Sign up deadline will be strictly enforced.
REGISTER BY 10:00 AM ON WEDNESDAY JUNE 9th - No exceptions

The June 19th meet will be open to the entire team.  If your swimmer has not competed in a meet before, this June 12 meet is not suitable for them.

Please look through the attachments and familiarize yourself with the protocols.  Parents will not be allowed inside the pool area unless working a volunteer job that is within the pool area.  Period. 

Smoothie Patrol will be on-site with coffee and fruit smoothies for sale.  No other snack bar or food will be available.  

Restrooms for parents and spectators will be inside the football stadium gate. 

The areas marked in blue are for temporary spectating.  No set up of chairs / EZ Ups / camps will be allowed along the fencelines. 

Swimmer's heats and lanes will remain as they are listed in the attachment.  It would be helpful if you can use a Sharpie to write their Event / Heat / Lane on the swimmers' hand or wrist before arriving tomorrow. 

The meet is active on Meet Mobile under the name "RMAV v UCD”
If you do not have the Meet Mobile app on your phone yet, it is a very useful resource during swim meets.   

13 & Over (Senior 1&2, Pre-Senior 1&2): 
Arrive by 7:10
Warm Up at 7:30 

11-12s (Pointbreaks 1 & 2):
Arrive by 7:30
Warm Up at 7:55 

9-10’s (Riptide):
Arrive by 7:30
Warm Up at 7:55 

8 & Un (Shoreline):
Arrive by 8:00
Warm up at 8:20 

6 & Un (Tidepool)
Arrive by 8:10
Warm Up at 8:30 


Parents who are working volunteer jobs: 

  • Set up – Meet at 6:30am.  We should be able to set everything up pretty quickly. 
  • Check-In Parents – Meet at entry gate at 7:00am.  
  • Early Shift Gate Monitors (Entry & Exit) – Meet at entry gate by 8:00am
  • Early Shift Timers / Runner / Announcer / Clerk of Course – Meet at “officials gate” at 8:40am
  • All Second Shift Volunteers – Meet at “officials gate” at 10:40am
  • Tear Down – We start when the meet ends.