Donner Jaime Miller Invitational

Jun 4, 2021 - Jun 6, 2021
May, 10 2021



Registration deadline is 5/10/2021 at 8:00 pm

Donner Aquatic Center 22nd & Sycamore Streets Columbus, IN 47201 

The fees for this meet will be $5.00 per individual event, a $15.00 COVID-19 Support Fee per athlete ($12.00 host safety precautions fee, $2.00 Indiana Swimming Athlete surcharge, $1.00 Club Support Grant)

Each participant will be required to submit electronically a COVID-19 Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability Waiver as well as a participant waiver. This waiver MUST be done prior to arriving to arriving to the facility and prior to check-in on the day of the meet. FURTHER, each participant will be required to complete and submit the ELECTRONIC HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE daily, as outlined by the CDC and the Bartholomew County Health Department. The waiver and health questionnaire link will be available on the DONNER SWIM CLUB website after May 17, 2021


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 protocols regarding social-distancing and maintaining a separation of six feet between individuals not in the family, Donner Aquatic Center cannot permit any family camping in the spectator area in the stands on the west side of the pool (nearest the wooded area), NOR ALLOW family members inside the Aquatic Center for any reason. Families may camp outside of the pool area at designated areas (to be determined) and port-a-lets will be available on the grounds.

Further, the spectator stands will only be used as a WATCH-AND-GO area during their athlete’s event ONLY. To ingress the stands, family members, wearing masks/face coverings, will use the entrance gate located on the west side of the facility, and upon completion of the event egress down the stairs on the north side of the spectator area and return to their camping area.

Important Note: AT THIS TIME, due to the number of athletes entered in this meet, and because of the social-distancing protocols we are obligated to enforce, we can permit ONLY ONE family member per athlete per event at a time in the WATCH-AND-GO spectator stands. Please understand, this was our only option for us to be permitted to allow any spectators at the meet. Family members may take turns alternating viewing their athlete’s events throughout the entire meet.

TICKETS to access the WATCH-AND-GO spectator stands will go on sale on-line after May 17, 2021. Go to the Donner Swim Club website after that date to purchase tickets.

Only one ticket may be purchased per family (and then used by one family member at-a-time) to ingress the stands.

Family members may download the Remind App and join 2021 DONNER JAIME MILLER INVITATIONAL group to receive important information from the Meet Director during the event.

For information regarding family camping areas, ticket sales, and the Remind App, go to the DONNER SWIM CLUB website after May 17, 2021 for further information.