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May 7, 2021 (11:11 AM) - Jul 23, 2021 (11:11 AM)
May, 7 2021


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Give your child the gift of a FUN and SAFE summer. Our learn to swim program is the most important program for your child this Summer. We develop confidence in the water so that your child can learn to swim quickly. Who better than a swim team to teach swimming lessons?

Swim America Swim Lessons Provide:

  • A coach to student ratio of 1 to 5 or better.
  • Trained coaches are gentle, caring, and understand children.
  • A 10-step Station to Station Progression Teaching Method.
  • Emphasis on Excellent Swimming Techniques.
  • Instructors are certified by Swim America and American Swimming Coaches Association.

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Where are lessons and how long is each session? Lessons will be held at Shasta High School starting at 10:30 am. As well as, Foothill High School starting at 4:00pm. Sessions are 4 times a week, Monday- Thursday for 30 minutes long. 

Progression Levels

Mommy and Me

This class is for swimmers 6 mo-2.5 years old. Parent learn how to instruct their children to save their lives. Children will be learning to self-emerge, float on back, roll to back, jump in and roll to back, paddle arms, climb ladders, awareness in water.

1. Non swimmer

Swimmers that have had little to no experience in the water. This group works on self-emerging and blowing bubbles. Goal is to perform 10 bobs with bubbles unassisted

2. Front/ Back Float

Swimmers are learning body position and floating in the water on their backs and stomach. Goal is to float on stomach and back unassisted for 5 seconds

3. Front/Back Glide

Swimmers are learning to push off the wall in a streamline and kick on their back and stomach. Goal is to perform both front and back glide in proper position

4. Crawl Stroke

Swimmers are learning to push off the wall in proper position and do full freestyle strokes. Goal is to perform freestyle stroke to the flags and back.

5. Crawl Stroke W/breathing

Swimmers are building off level 4 and learning to coordinate breathing to their side. Goal is to perform 4-5 proper breaths while swimming freestyle.

6. Crawl Stroke/Backstroke

Swimmers have mastered breathing to their side and are now working on building their endurance in freestyle. Backstroke, treading water and diving are also mastered in this level. Goal is to perform a 25 freestyle, 12 yards of back stroke, one dive and 1 min treading water.

7. Backstroke and Breaststroke

Swimmers are mastering endurance and technique in both freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke kick is mastered. Goal is to swim 50 freestyle, 25 back stroke, 12 yards of proper breaststroke kick

8. Beginning Stroke School

Swimmers continue to work on technique and endurance in freestyle and backstroke. Flip turns, dolphin kicks, and breaststroke is mastered. Goal is to swim 100 Freestyle, 50 back, 25 Breaststroke.

9. Intermediate Stroke School

Swimmers are now working on technique and endurance for freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Butterfly is mastered. Goals is to swim 200 Freestyle with flip turns, 50 breaststroke, 12.5 butterfly

10. Advance Stroke School

Swimmers have mastered all strokes and are learning to build their technique and endurance in all strokes, turns and dives. Goal is to swim 300 Freestyle with flip turns, 100 Back stroke, 100 Individual Medley

How do I know if my child needs swim lessons?
Lessons School age children need swim lessons to learn to swim on top of the water. Underwater swimming cannot save their lives! Children tire quickly underwater and trying to sustain underwater swimming may even cause a drowning! Learning a good freestyle stroke with proper air exchange will help your child build confidence in the water and may save his or her life. In addition to safety, swimming skills allows children to enjoy the variety of activities in and around water.

How long will it take to learn to swim?

This depends on your child’s age and level of fitness. It takes more lessons for preschoolers to learn the basic skills of floating, kicking, returning to the wall and rolling over on their back to breathe, float and rest. Older children learn more quickly and most learn to swim 2 or more strokes in 20 or so lessons.


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