Division I Championship Meet at Adamstown

Jul 24, 2021 (08:00 AM) - Jul 24, 2021 (02:00 PM)
July, 16 2021


Various teams throughout Division I will host the Divisional Championships. Teams from Division I only participate in this event with Divisions II and III holding their own championships. All Overlook swimmers are asked to register online for this eventy by Score is kept throughout this meet and a Division I champion will be crowned at the end of the meet. The meet is generally broken down into a morning session (for the 12 & under, 14 & under and open age groups) and an afternoon session (for the 8 & under and 10 & under age groups). There are individual events as well as relay events competed in the championship meet. There is generally a concession stand at this event as well as a T-Shirt stand selling Division I Championship T-Shirts. Bleachers are generally provided pool-side for spectators to sit while their swimmer is in the pool; however lawn chairs and tents or umbrellas are encouraged for the down-times in between events. The meet runs for approximately 6 hours in total (approximately 3 hours per session).