1 Day 12&U meet - (the other 1 day)

Jun 13, 2021
June, 3 2021


This meet is for all 12&U's. 1/2 of the events (that most 12&U's can swim) are offered this weekend, and the other 1/2 of the events are offered the previous weekend. (Normally this would be done in one weekend in a 2 day meet, but something to do with pool availability made a 2 day meet not possible, so it's split into 2 x 1day meets). The only exception is that the 50 free is offered at both.

Once the entries are submitted to the host (the local swim committee), they will divide up the teams and assign us a "session". So, unfortunately, we won't know if the kids swim early, mid day or afternoon until that process occurs.

Once we have the information on which session we have been assigned to, we will post more information.....usually the Tuesday prior to the meet.

By the way - the way to enter a meet is to commit to it by selecting the commit button on our website. Our team processes the entries and sends all of them along with payment to the meet host. So please, if you look at the meet format, the meet entry portion is for CAST admin to follow, not for individual families. Also, in order to not lose money (because you pay us through credit/debit cards, and we in turn pay the host; we charge a small processing fee on top of the actual entry fee in order to not lose money).