Bridlewood at Wellington 2021

Jun 12, 2021 (05:45 AM) - Jun 12, 2021 (01:00 PM)
June, 6 2021
June 11, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)




This is a HOME meet vs. the Bridlewood Bridlewaves. Please arrive at the pool by 5:45 A.M.  This is a meet for competitive swimmers only, not Mini Dolphins.


Sign-Out is by 8:00 P.M. on SUNDAY night.  If you are having trouble signing out, there are instructions  HERE.

If you volunteered to work at this meet, and then you sign your swimmer out-PLEASE go back and delete yourself from the volunteer positions!  This is very important, as others will be unable to replace you.

Volunteers are needed in all areas!  If you can help, please go to the  online Volunteer sign-up and indicate where you will be volunteering.  Please come to the pool knowing what your volunteer positions are.

Entries will be posted at the bottom of this page after 8:00 P.M. on Thursday night or early Friday morning.  Also available will be the Psych sheet and a Session Timeline.  Please note that the Session Timeline is an ESTIMATE.  As long as things go well, we shouldn't be there any longer than the posted end time. We won't have Psych sheets at the pool, so print your own.

Setup will begin at 9:00 the night before for those who are signed up to volunteer to help.  We will begin with unpacking the shed, and moving furniture.  Lane lines need to go in the pool, backstroke flag poles set up, and the areas for different functions put together.  We hope to be done by 9:45.  On the off-chance it looks like it is going to storm, check the website for updates.

What to Bring-Make sure you have shade, sunscreen and WATER.  We will have water for sale at the pool.  A good rule of thumb is if it is hot, and you aren't sweating-you need to drink!  Hydrated people sweat.  Our Parent Handbook has lots of information in it about how our swim meets run, what to do, how to prepare, and what to expect.  Spend some time reading there if you have not yet.  Please make sure your swimmers are familiar with some important policies, including our  Locker room Privacy Policy and our  Body Paint Policy

Parking: **IMPORTANT** The City of Manassas has designated parts of Clover Hill road and all of Hendley road as Bike Lanes. YOU CANNOT PARK IN A BIKE LANE-you risk an expensive ticket if you do so. If parking on neighborhood streets, PLEASE remember to park legally and courteously. Do not park too close to an intersection, block mailboxes or driveways. Manassas City police WILL ISSUE TICKETS if cars are parked illegallyence. PLEASE NOTE-due to a funeral at Grace, we cannot use the church for overflow parking this weekend. Please plan accordingly to find parking.

Arrival and Check in- Please arrive by 5:45 in the morning and have your swimmer(s) check in with the Coaches so they know you are in attendance.  Enter through the main gate near the Clubhouse and you should find the Coaches in this area to get you checked in.  Warm-ups will begin at 6:00 for Wellington.

First-shift Volunteers, please make sure you check in with your volunteer area as soon as you arrive.  We may not need you at your post until the meet starts, but it is very important that we know you are in attendance so you aren't replaced.

IF YOU NEED HELP, please seek out  the Welcome Tent by the large shed near the bathrooms.  They can help direct you, give you information about your volunteer job and where to go, and are available throughout the meet to assist with any issues.

Clerk of Course is in the Baby Pool area and the shallow end of the pool.  When you hear the announcer calling for your event, make sure you go there right away to get checked in.  It is important to know your event numbers and listen to be called.  If you aren't there after last call, you will be scratched.

Concessions-Will be open, but will be selling a much more limited number of pre-packaged items. Please plan accordingly.

If you need to leave the meet early, you MUST let your Coaches know.  They will alert Clerk of Course and have your cards pulled for the remaining events.

Cleanup/Reset-As the end of the meet winds down, it is CRITICAL that all hands on deck help out with returning the pool to the way we found it so the Wellington Homeowners get their pool open on time.  With the warmer than usual weather, we can be sure they will be anxious to get in and swim.  We utilize a phased approach to tear down areas as they are no longer needed.  Please make sure your area is clear of trash and help us wrap things up. All families are expected to contribute.  Please be on the listen for announcements to begin tearing down Clerk of Course, and jump in to help when you notice subsequent areas being reset.  A little work by all makes it very easy to get done.

Results-Results will be available on the website Saturday afternoon after the conclusion of the meet.
If you have ANY questions, please send an email.