2021 Stars and Stripes

Jun 25, 2021 - Jun 26, 2021
June, 5 2021


Alvin D. Brown Pool 591 E. Water St. Pendleton, IN 46064

Only coaches, athletes, officials, and volunteers will be allowed entry to the pool deck. As per insurance regulations, no parents (except volunteers) will be allowed on deck. 

Due to COVID Restrictions, absolutely no congregating in the parking lot or sidewalk areas. If you remain on site, you must remain in your own vehicle. 

Due to COVID Restrictions, the facility will be closed to spectators. Only pre-approved volunteers, coaches, swimmers, & officials will be permitted in the facility, including the greater building area. As such, SSC will provide a live stream of both the scoreboard and competition pool. 

No camping in the spectator area. Teams will be assigned sections and swimmers will be required to stay on their COVID “x” designated spot, which will include a 6 foot perimeter at all times. NO MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED

Anyone caught abusing the facilities will be asked to leave the meet IMMEDIATELY and the team will be billed for any damages caused by their swimmers! Admission:

No admissions due to COVID restrictions.

Live stream of the meet will be provided.

Entry Fees: 

$5.00 per athlete surcharge 
$4.00 per timed final individual event 
 $7.00 per relay event