swim MtL hosts Harpers Point - Dual Meet

Jun 17, 2021 (06:00 PM) - Jun 17, 2021 (10:30 PM)
June, 16 2021
June 16, 2021
(this is a team hosted event)
MiniWhales,Swim Team ([* ALL Locations *])


MEET FORMAT CHANGE!    Please read.

Meet theme: Jungle

Important information about our Bake Sale + Grill:

We are bringing back the Bake-Snack Sale at this week's meet!
  • Baked goods, fruit, healthy and savory snacks are welcome!
  • Please package each item individually in packages that can be sold for $1-$2.  
  • For example, if cookies are small, please place 2-3 cookies in a baggie that can be sold for $1. 
  • Cups are a great way to package items too! 
  • Store bought items that are individually packaged are welcome!  
  • All proceeds go to the Mount Lookout Killer Whales Swim Team to help cover expenses and keep our registration fees low!

NEW MEET FORMAT: We are trying something new!     Please commit your swimmer/Mini and signup to help!

We will run this meet in two 'sessions'.   ie.  The meet will be split into two smaller meets.

1st Swim Meet Session - 8&Unders including Minis.   Meet start at 6:00pm.    Warmups at 5:30pm.   

  • For this to work, we need 8&Under parents to fill these jobs - parents with ONLY 8&Under swimmers are especially needed to sign up for this mini meet as other parents help us cover the 2nd meet.
  • Jobs starting with '8&Under' are only for this mini meet.
  • Several of our skilled position workers have already committed to work both meets.
  • Older siblings (including older kids on the team) are welcome to help and would be a great addition to CLERK!   14&Older can time.
  • This session is very short - so your work session is this 8&Under meet.

2nd Swim Meet Session - 9 & Older kids.   Meet start at 7:30pm.     Warmups: 6:50.

  • Any job NOT marked 8&Under is for this session.    Many jobs are half of this session/meet.
  • Officials/Skilled positions - we'd love your help in the 8&Under session too if you are able.
  • Thanks to the skilled position volunteers that offered to work BOTH meets!

Swimmer/Minis - please sign up your swimmer OR DECLINE so we know if you are attending.    
Sign up by Tuesday @ noon to be considered for Relays (Minis don't swim relays).

We are working with Harpers Point to give this a try.     While we LOVE the interaction between older and younger swimmers and 1 session uses less volunteers, we think this is a great way for new swimmers and their parents to get meet experience. 
If you were hesitant about your younger swimmer in a meet, this is a good meet to attend.

Also please note: we are working a new Clerk process (tossing out the 'age group parent') and would greatly appreciate your help working this meet as Clerk for 8&Under OR for 9-10s in the 2nd meet session.        Please don't give up on us and this critically important job.

  • If you are an experienced former 'Age Group' worker and want to be a part of the new process to help train others, please sign up.   You can also email me if you'd like to be part of the discussion.

Reminder: PPSL League rules prevent alcohol consumption in the presence of the kids during a meet.      The meet could be defaulted and/or our team expelled from the League if there are complaints.