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Central Zone Open Water Champs - Due 6/13

Jun 18, 2021
June, 13 2021
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 Central Zones Open Water Championship Meet

This meet is conducted in Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie on June 18th.

Swimmers must have an A time in one of the distance freestyle events in their age group.  Standards are shown in the table below.

There is an open water clinic the day before the meet, 6/17.  It is recommended that swimmers who have not competed in an open water event attend the clinic.

Registration is done on the Team Wisconsin Website, CLICK HERE

Let your swimmer's coach know if you have signed up for the meet.

Due by 6/13


Open Water Clinic---Thursday, June 17th, 2021
Central Zone Open Water Champs—Friday, June 18th, 2021


Lake Andrea
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin


10-Unders: 1.25K
11-12: 2.5K
13-14: 2.5K
Senior: 5K

Time Standards

Boys' Time standards (must meet one of the following listed for event): 
10&U  200 mtr/yard free = 2:50.79/2:29.39; or 400/500= 5:59.49/6:37.39
11-12  200 mtr/yard free=2:32.19/2:12.49, 400/500 free=5:21.89/5:57.69, or 800/1000=11:18.59/12:27.89
13-14  400/500 free=4:59.19/5:31.39, 800/1000=10:22.19/11:26.69, or 1500/1650 = 19:48.39/19:07.59
Senior: 400/500=4:46.09/5:17.69, 800/1000=10:00.09/11:02.59, or 1500/1650 free=18:59.09/18:30.39

Girls' Time standards (must meet one of the following listed for event): 
10&U  200 mtr/yard free = 2:56.29/2:35.39; or 400/500= 6:05.39/6:44.29
11-12  200 mtr/yard free=2:36.19/2:17.49, 400/500 free=5:29.09/6:07.59, or 800/1000=11:29.29/12:41.19
13-14  400/500 free=5:14.39/5:49.59, 800/1000=10:47.99/12:01.69, or 1500/1650 = 20:39.79/20:02.99
Senior: 400/500=5:07.29/5:43.39, 800/1000=10:35.39/11:50.79, or 1500/1650 free=20:20.49/19:47.29



Open Water Zone Meet Registration

Please Register through the Team Wisconsin TeamUnify Website (not through your club)  Cost: $75.00

Registration will open on May 15, 2021 and close on June 13, 2021

Cost includes: event fees, Team Wisconsin shirt, and event cap.

Estimate Pre-Meet Athlete Registration is at 6PM on Thursday, June 17(after clinic concludes) athlete registration, nail check, body marking available. It is recommended for athletes to check-in after the clinic on Thursday.



Central Zone Open Water Clinic

3:30 - approximately 6PM, Thursday, June 17,

Register at  

The cost for the clinic will be $15.00 per athlete. Checks must be made out to: Village of Pleasant Prairie

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: George Guddie SWAT

Dan Wohl WEST

Greg Lake WAUN

Open Water Meet Officiating

We welcome all certified Officials to work this Championship, as it provides an excellent opportunity to achieve sessions as an Open Water Judge (OJ), Open Water Referee (OR) for recertification, or sessions for apprentices.

Thursday, June 17, concurrent with the swimmer/coaches is an open water clinic.

An online application for officiating, and/or attending the training clinic, can be found on the Meet Landing Page: